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Rewards and Consequences: What are their value in an elementary classroom?

By: Amy Williamson, Brittany Granquist, & Eric Guth

Brittany Granquist

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Rewards and Consequences: What are their value in an elementary classroom?

Are the use of rewards and consequences in today's classroom an effective way to motivate both learning and appropriate behavior? Rewards: Intrinsic and Extrinsic What are rewards? To use rewards, or not to use rewards? Research shows positive methods of supporting behavior are highly effective in a variety of school circumstances. Positive Behavior Support Model Amount of litter decreased 96% Sitting inappropriately decreased 64% Running decreased by 75 Rewards must be used APPROPRIATELY in order to be effective Rewards manipulate behavior and destroy potential for learning Alfie Kohn: "rewards are control through seduction" Most detrimental in the long run Positive Consequences Finishing Assignment Verbal Warning Nonverbal Reminder Behavior Plan Fixing their Mistake Negative Consequences Color System Always being sent to the office Empty Verbal Threats Anything unrelated to the misbehavior Singling out in front of peers Mrs. Johnson 2nd Grade Rewards and Consequences Caught you being good jar Mrs. Steiner 2nd Grade Rewards and
Consequences Goody
Gumball Mrs. Seibring 4th Grade Rewards and Consequences
Cube System &
Friday Fun Mrs. Kirby 4th grade Rewards and
Consequences Teacher Approval and Acceptance
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