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Copy of Elaboration Likelihood Model

No description

Saher Munawar

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Elaboration Likelihood Model

The central and peripheral route Elaboration Likelihood Model Central Route
High involvement.
Involves cognitive processes.
May have contradicting thoughts or supportive thoughts
Consumer relies on central cues
Results first in an attitude change
Behavior change takes place next What is ELM?

illustrates attitude change based of level of consumer involvement

High involvement follows central route

Low Involvement follows peripheral route Central Route - High involvement Processing
Belief and Attitude Change
Belief and Attitude are correlated.
message can change the consumer's belief towards the product
Can develop a negative or positive attitude towards it
Cognitive Process
Permanent Change. Behavior Change
Attitude change will lead to behavioral change towards the product.
Positive or negative behavior.
Consumers more aware of the product.
Weighing the pros and cons of buying a product. Peripheral Route: Low-Involvement Processing

Behavior and Attitude Changes:

the behavior change in the peripheral route is affected by external influences
attitudes might sway in the end of the route temporarily
Consumers are attracted to the person presenting, the images, music, colors, etc. Conclusion:The ELM model discusses two different routes:

Central Route => High-Involvement => Highly engaged cognitive process and prior interest => Permanent Attitude Change
Peripheral Route => Low-Involvement => Low or no cognitive process => Temporary Attitude change Peripheral Route
Unlikely to develop cognitive processes
Pays attention to non-product related information — peripheral cues
Low involvement processing
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