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Electronic Commerce

No description

may ****

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce Appeared with the spread of the Internet in the world the concept of e-commerce which gave us a lot of advantages the most important of the ease and speed .
In this presentation you will see ... Commerce is the process of buying and selling goods What is Electronic Commerce ?!.
Sections of e-commerce .
What are the benefits that derive companies and customers ?!.
The future of commerce.
Basics of e-commerce .
Sections of e-commerce applications .
E-markets E-commerce .
Information systems between institutions and markets electronic .
Information systems between institutions .
Types of information systems between institutions.
Ranking the field of e-commerce through the nature of transactions .
E-commerce begins to emerge .
Advantages of e-commerce .
How to shop securely Online ?!
Tips can be followed when you shop on the Internet . What is Electronic Commerce ?! Concept that explains the process of buying and selling goods and products through computer networks and the Internet. Sections of e-commerce : E-commerce companies to customers (B 2C) E-commerce companies to companies (B2B) What are the benefits that derive companies and customers from e-commerce ?! Marketing and more profits (Only companies ) Save time and effort (Companies &customers) Gain user satisfaction (Companies & customers) Allows companies to showcase their products all over the world and reaching the largest possible number of customers allowing these companies to increase in profit.
Open electronic markets all the time and does not require customers waiting to buy the product they want. Internet provides interactive communications directly, allowing the companies in the electronic market to take advantage of these features to answer customer inquiries quickly, thus providing better services to customers . Prospects and the future of e-commerce : Increasing day by day the number of merchants who express optimism the desired benefits of e-commerce
E-commerce has become a reality and the prospects and possibilities do not stop . Basics of e-commerce To the success of the process of e-commerce should be available on three pillars namely Goods Website Marketing plan E-Commerce Begins to Emerge Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is the buying and selling of product or service over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks Advantages of e-Commerce 1-Online shopping opens 24 for hours . Even if you’rebusy, your customers can visit your shop and browse your products at any time they want. 2-The Web business give customers more information than ever before How to Shop Securely Online?! There is many way to shop securely online you should follow it such as.
Shop Where You're Safe we recommend using secure and encrypted networks when shopping online. Likewise, try not to use a public computer when shopping. A public computer may retain your personal information if that computer's browser has cookies enabled. And remember to log out after every shopping session Use a Virtual Credit Card :

Virtual credit card numbers are linked to your credit card, but unlike your credit card, virtual numbers are only good for one transaction or limited price Tips can be followed when you shop on the Internet: -Don’t Shop Publically
-Don’t Store Information Elsewhere
-Close the serves after finishing shopping and signing out from the web site
-Make sure that the website is safe for shopping
-Not to rush in buying a product that is not secured There are a lot of e-commerce applications such as banks, Adelphia and shopping malls on the Internet and buy stocks and look for work and do auctions and cooperation with the rest of the individuals in the work of the search. E-commerce applications are divided into three parts: buy and sell products and services, which is called the electronic market. to facilitate and conduct the flow of information and communication and cooperation between companies and between the different parts of a single company
provide customer service Electronic markets Information systems between institutions and markets Types of information systems
between institutions: Additional network Extranet Electronic funds transfer Electronic Funds Transfer
Electronic forms Integrated communication
Supply Chain Management Supply
Chain Management
Company for Business-to-Business At the end of this presentation has explained the following topics:
What is e-commerce?! , Department of e-commerce, and the future of e-commerce, and the basics of e-commerce, and sections of e-commerce applications, the advantages of e-commerce and how to shop safely online?!
I hope this presentation will help you shop online safety and ease . References :
1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_commerce
2) http://dealnews.com/features/Safe-Shopping-How-to-Shop-Securely-Online/201778.html
3)http://idtheft.about.com/od/preventionpractices/a/OnlineShopping.htm The names of the students May Hathal Al-Otibi Eman Abdulkarim Al-Anbari Nedaa Mohammed Al-Dosari Supervised By :
T. Ohoud AL-yemni
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