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Color Families &

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Grace Plemens

on 3 May 2018

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Transcript of Color Families &

Color Theory
Why do we need to learn basic color theory and color families?
Decorating homes, dressing yourself, it enhances our artwork.
The human brain seeks harmony and balance in an image- if the colors in an artwork don't work together, we won't look at it for long.
We are building
on what what
we just learned:
Radial Symmetry and Origami
Complimentary Colors
Colors that sit across from each other on the Color Wheel, Opposites.
Analogous Color Scheme
Color Families &
Origami Relief Schulpture

Today, we'll learn about color families and apply that knowledge to our art project!
Monochromatic Color Scheme
All one color
(tints, shades, tones of the same color)
Cold and Warm Color Schemes
Cold colors remind us of winter and water while warm colors remind us of summer
and fire.
Tomorrow: We start our Origami Relief Sculpture Project!
How will I use color schemes in my artwork?
Choose one color family (color scheme) and apply it to your artwork.
This will make your artwork more dynamic and powerful!
You'll need to label which one you chose on the back of your art project.
Today, we'll practice color families on a worksheet to get more familiar with them before we commit to one on our artwork.
Examples of complimentary color schemes:
Red and Green
Orange and Blue
Yellow and Purple
Colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel
Supplies for today:
Worksheet and markers
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