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Supporting Teaching and Learning, Through the Use of 1:1 Mobile Technology

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Neilam Iqbal

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Supporting Teaching and Learning, Through the Use of 1:1 Mobile Technology

Supporting Teaching and Learning, Through the Use of 1:1 Mobile Technology The Possibilities Are Endless! The 1:1 mobile device infrastructure will produce connected learners So, how can we help Learners? Every student in a class is given an iPad, iPod Touch or iPad Mini Mobile devices help students to find new information quickly and easily. Makes lessons more interactive and interesting, even if the subject isn't popular with some students. Students are more engaged, no time is wasted; the students are always productive. Result - each student will have a different piece of work. They have one device which provides a combination of tools to produce their work. Great for every kind of learner! Students can easily reflect on their lessons and what they have learnt. Auditory Learners
Record themselves or the teacher dictating instructions and playback while carrying out a task Visual Learners can video record
different parts of a lesson and
playback when revising for a test Hands-on experience for
Kinaesthetic Learners. Learning to
play an instrument in Music? Keep
practicing outside of lessons too! Carry out virtual science experiments -
mix chemicals and see reactions
in a completely safe way Take a virtual trip to any country in the world and have a closer look at the lakes and mountains mentioned in a Geography lesson Every student will be given an Evernote account. They can take notes during their lessons throughout the day. Notes are automatically synchronized online and can be accessed anywhere. Notes can be shared with other students to collaborate on a project.

Notes could be shared with a teacher to show the student's understanding of a particular lesson. Instantly share completed work with the teacher and the rest of the class.

Access the VLE via the VLE app.

Email homework instantly. Attach a camera to a remote controlled helicopter and control it using the mobile device.

Students can see things from a different perspective. Could be used to carry out investigations.

Film at different angles for a movie project. Students can use Caster Free to create and publish podcasts, sharing their learning.

Great for speaking and listening, MFL and EAL. They use their own initiative.

They use their device to capture ideas as soon as they arise, anywhere... in and out
of school The best part? The device could be used as a portfolio of work for different subjects.

Useful for self-assessment and getting extra marks for showing learning outside of lessons

e.g. Taking a picture of an object they have seen outside of school as it is linked to a topic they are studying. Annotating it and showing it to other students What if they can't find an App for it? They can make their own with AppShed or AppBuilder in ICT lessons! How can we support our teachers? Each member of staff is given an iPad

Every interactive whiteboard or CleverTouch screen has an Apple TV

AirPrint compatible printers installed in every department

Staff can use their own devices too, such as iPhones Teachers can use AirPlay (Apple TV) or Video Output cables to display content from their device onto the whiteboard AirPrint will allow teachers to print content created on their mobile device. No need to download onto a computer or transfer between devices. Many websites already allow teachers to collaborate with other teachers, schools, experts and companies, both nationally and internationally.

With mobile 1:1 devices,
this online collaboration
becomes more instant,
purposeful and meaningful.

Share ideas, resources and connect over webcam -
teach together and help each other. Classroom management

Time - saving

Also useful for Staff meetings and insets Control the laptop using the mobile device from anywhere in the classroom QuickOffice Pro - edit and share Office files
(official Microsoft app coming soon)

Sign and send documents - no need to print!

Easier to communicate with instant email notifications

Use GoogleDocs, SkyDrive or VLE app to access and update files anywhere

Lots of websites with teaching resources now have app versions. Easier to view, download and use content. Tools like Lightspeed make it easier to filter web content, manage mobile devices, push apps out and increase security.

If a new app is required by a teacher, it can be installed quickly prior to the lesson in which they are needed.

Lesson preparation time is reduced. Camtasia

Make How-To videos by pre-recording instructions during PPA or at home. Show the video in class or upload to a shared area.

Students spend more time completing the task and teachers utilize the extra time to work with key pupils. Produce creative, interesting and engaging resources for lessons

Lulu - Create eBooks and share with students and other teachers Testmoz - create online tests which students can carry out on their own devices and the results are collected by the teacher instantly

Also great for assessment purposes and providing instant feedback. Student Portfolios for Assessment

Take pictures of pupil work in lessons over the year

Capture moments of good learning

Save both with annotations linking to assessment levels

Student progress reports for Parent's Evening - no need to find the books and trying to remember a specific moment of learning. Socrative and other "voting" apps are an excellent for pupil voice and assessment Differentiation occurs by giving students choice.

They decide which tools to use to carry out a task - the iPad provides them with many tools.

Different learners will present their work in different ways.

Authentic learning occurs when students create, not just consume.

play movies, display images, browse the web, run Apps, be used as an eBook reader.

Apple Devices are:
small in size, powerful, inexpensive, engaging, easy to use, student friendly, a companion device, a device that many people are already familiar with. There are many teaching tools available which can support the teaching of specific groups of children:




Ethnicity High Quality
Wi Fi Infrastructure
(such as Aerohive controller-less technology) Staff Mobile Device Student Mobile Device Shared Devices Mobile Device Management (MDM) Server Training sessions should be tailored for each department

Staff will be asked what they would like to achieve from the use of 1:1 mobile devices and what problems they are currently facing in lessons

A user manual can be produced for each department which staff can refer to as and when needed

One-to-one training sessions can be carried out to help staff plan lessons Training Staff The school's current web filtering system may be used and more policies can be added

App downloads will require Administrator permissions

All mobile devices will use iCloud backup

Security tags and UV pens will be applied to all devices

Certain apps can be blocked as appropriate

Students will receive eSafety and Acceptable Use training Staff and students will be required to sign contracts Security Educational discounts are available and Apple also have the Volume Purchase Program

There is also the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) option which can save a lot of money during the process of phasing-in Web Filter System & Firewall Created by Neilam Iqbal
ICT Technician, Temple Primary School, Manchester
n.iqbal@temple.manchester.sch.uk My Vision... Teacher training manuals in eBook form? Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DS

Wireless Printers

Apple TVs Case Studies:

Temple Primary School, Cheetham

Park View Primary School, Manchester

Manchester Communications Academy

Essa Academy, Bolton Active Directory

Staff/Student Policies Meru? Ruckus?
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