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The Growth of Persuasive Writing

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Lee McConahy

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of The Growth of Persuasive Writing

The Growth of Persuasive Writing
The Intro and the Hook
Make your audience interested in your topic
Do not just state your topic or thesis
Provide a "Hook" to grab your reader attention
A "Hook" can be a story or experience
Tell your reader why your idea is important

Choosing a Topic
Persuasion vs. Argumentation
Persuasion Argument
What is persuasion and how is it used?
What are the 3 ways to persuade?
What are the similarities of persuasion and argument?
When presenting your topic to persuade, what do you need to do first?
Persuasive Writing presents an argument. When it is successful, it sways or convinces the readers to agree with the author's point of view.
Persuasion is used everyday in TV, radio, by politicians, parents, teachers, & kids. It is in the form a speech or written with a letter or an essay.

Both address a specific issue.
Both try to sway an audience.
Persuasion wants the audience to agree and adopt the author's position.

Persuasion approaches readers more aggressive with emotion and passion.

Blends facts and emotions in an atemp to sway the reader.
Advertising a is one of the most effective methods used today to persuade.
Argument is to get the audience to acknowledge a position is valid.

To get the reader to consider that the idea is worthy of you listening.

Offers the reader relevant evidence to agree with the
with the writter.

Needs to be realistic
Must have grounds of dispute
Should be emotional
Stay away from controversial topics
have to
at school?
an half
day on
sell candy
bars in the
14 year
old's with
with a B
be allowed
to get a
not be allowed
to take
devices, (phones, tablets, games) away from
their Children?
You have 5 minutes to brain storm and come up with at least two ideas for a persuasive topic with your partner and write them down on your paper.
During the next 5 minutes come up with a hook for the two topics you and your partner wrote down previously. Write them down on your paper.
If you need help coming up with a topic, go to:
Three ways to Persuade:
Facts and Evidence
Use of author's authority
Emotional appeal
5 minute Activity:
Take turns with your partner. Try to persuade your partner to lend you $5.00. Use Facts, Author's appeal, and Emotions.
Ticket out the Door!
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