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Jumano Indians

No description

benjamin crelia

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Jumano Indians

Jumano Indians by:
Benjamin Crelia
The Jumano Indians lived in the
Inner mountain and Basin region, and they trade, hunt buffalo, and fish.
Location of the tribe
Geographic Characteristics
Introduction of
Culture Groups
The Jumano Indians lived in
the Mountains and basins region
In the Inner mountains and basins region there is Hills, Plains, Mountains, and Basins

The Jumano Indians lived in teepees, because they are easy to pack up to go on and travel
Economic Characteristics
The Jumano Indians traded goods,
with others. They also traded Buffalo Hides for other goods from travelers.
Social Characteristics
With the Buffalo hides, the Jumano
Indians made cloth out of the hides, and made clothes.

Ignore the text here ----->
Interesting/ Unusual facts
An interesting fact is that the Jumano Indians hunted buffalo and lived off them. Like they made clothing out of the hides, and ate the leftover meat from them.
The Jumano Indians are no longer here. They also lived in the Inner mountains and basins region.
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