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Madilyn Bailey

No description

Emily Maiorano

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Madilyn Bailey

Madilyn Bailey
an interesting singer

By Febuary of 2012, Madilyn already had 2 album covers. Everyone fell in love with her album songs and bought CDs of it and bought the songs on itunes. Recently, Madilyn has worked with fellow YouTube icon Ali Brustofski, and the two have become good friends.
In the past, Madilyn has worked with artists including Ali Brustofski, Chester See, Jason Chen, and Alex G. Someday, she hopes to work with artists including Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis, also people who work with music for a living. Fans don’t think she’s too far from that goal!
By: Emily Maiorano
At 20 years old Madilyn Bailey moved from Wisconsin state to Los Angelas in 2012 and was determined to become a successful singer, and by one YouTube video posted, she was off to big things!The video got over a million views and a few years later she had over 750,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel!!! Now she is number two as the best singer on itunes.Thats how she got started to great things!
this is her most recent album cover


1."Safe and Sound"
2. " I Knew You Were
3. "Starships"
4."Part of Me"
5. " Drive By"
6." My Immortal"
7." Can't Hold Us"
8. "Somebody That I Used To Know"
9. "When I was Your Man"
10. "Lego House"

Do some of these songs look familiar?
Thats because Madilyn is also famous for making outstanding remixes of popular songs.
- www.cbsnews.com

- www. MadilynBailey.com

- www.Top10.com

- www. YouTube.com

There is also an additional video of her top song " Safe and Sound"
"Safe and Sound"
(Madilyn Bailey)
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