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one flew over the cuckoo's nest

this is going to be the best project ever !!

Desiree D

on 9 January 2012

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Transcript of one flew over the cuckoo's nest

Themes By Desiree Humenny,
Geoffrey Shaw,
Mitch Rokosh,
Karlie Pow,
Dustin Ablett (Most Amazing) McMurphy's Progression Five Significant Connections to other texts this year lets take a closer look. pg. 12 - "Yessir, that's what I came to this establishment for, to bring you birds fun an' entertainment around the gamin' table. Nobody left the Pendleton Work Farm to make my days interesting anymore, so i requested transfer, ya see."

This quote shows the very beginning of McMurphy's transformation. It shows that in the beginning of the novel McMurphy is carefree, and simply looking to have a good time. Deception Fantasy
Reality Painted Door:
-Both texts deal with people responding to self preservation in the face of demands
-Ann sleeps with Steven because she desires to fulfill her needs that John lacks. She is trying to peresrve her personal happiness by responding to Stevens advances
-In Cuckoo's Nest, The men perserve their own well being when Nurse Ratched insults them. They attack her focus in an effort to preserve their own psyche and self-esteem "He can't hear."
"I'll take him.
He's always untying
his sheet and roaming
'round." -pg 165 pg. 25 - "Well, what the hell he can shake hands, can't he? Deef or whatever. By God, Chief, you may be big, but you shake my hand or I'll consider it an insult. And it's not a good idea to insult the new bull goose looney of the hospital."

This quote shows Mr. McMurphy's strong personality, and his instant demand for attention at the ward. "You gripe, you bitch,
for weeks on end
about how you can't
stand this place, can't
stand the nurse
or anything about,
and all the time you
ain't committed." -pg 195 Happy Event:
-Both deal with taking a life in the face of personal conflict
-Lena kills her baby because she knows she can't provide for the child or give it a good life
-Lena is responding to the internal conflict of wanting to care for a child and doing whats right
-Chief kills McMurphy because he does not want him to be a symbol of Ratched's power
-Chief struggles with the decision between killing his best friend and preserving his memory pg. 59 - Oh, yes; I forgot to add that I noticed your primitave brutality also this morning. Psychopath with definite sadistic tendencies, probably motivated by an unreasoning egomania. Yes. As you see, all these natural talents certainly qualify you as a confident therapist and render you quite capable of critisizing Miss Ratched's meeting procedure. In spite of the fact that she is a highly regarded psychiatric nurse with twenty years in the field.

This quote shows the lack of respect McMurphy has for the people in the ward, and especially for Ms. Ratched. This quote is Harding critisizing Mr. McMurphy's shortcomings, and all of his flaws. "She'll turn that dial to
a dead stop and freeze
the sun there on the
screen so it don't move a
scant hair for weeks." -pg 77 pg. 110- "I'll be the first to admit it's not an absolutely pleasant situation for anyone concerned. In our talk, however, McMurphy and I did happen to come up with an idea which might make things more pleasant for both age groups. McMurphy mentioned that he had noticed some of the old fellows seemed to have difficulty hearing the radio. He suggested that speaker be turned up louder so the chronics with auditory weaknesses could hear it. A very humane suggestion I think."

This shows the development of McMurphy, from a self-centered man, to a better person that actually cares about the men, and he wants to make a better life for them. "The ward is a factory for
the combine. It's for fixing
up mistakes made in the
neighborhoods and in the
schools and in the churches,
the hospital is." -pg 40 pg. 125 - " He clenches his eyes, and lips draw away from his teeth. His head leans back, and tendons stand out like coiled ropes running from his heaving neck down both arms to his hands. His whole body shakes with the strain as he tries to lift something he knows he can't lift, something everybody knows he can't lift.
This quote shows that he was very determined and optimistic, and that he had established a connection to the men and he was willing to do anything for them. "I expect to be sick, but
there's no blood or innards
falling out like I was looking
to see - just a shower of rust
and ashes, and now again a
piece of wire and glass." -pg 88 "She's got the fog machine
switched on, and it's rolling
in so fast I can't see a thing
but her face." -pg 113 Cathedral:
-Both stories deal with a significant change if point of view after a life-changing event
-The Husband becomes more sympathetic and attempts to be understanding after a close, intimate experience with the blind man
- The Patients undergo significant change when McMurphy begins liberating them from Ratched's grasp. They become more aware that they are free to do as they please and not under the control of the nurse
"Whatever it was went
haywire in the mechanism,
they've just about got it
fixed again." -pg 132 pg. 157- "No. he isnt extraordinary. He is simply a man and no more, and is subject to all the fears and all the cowardice and all the timidity that any other man is subject to. Given a few more days, I have a very strong feeling that he will prove this, to us as well as the rest of the patients."

This is Miss Ratchet trying to take down McMurphy by making him appear insignificant to the men that idolize him. She is trying to take back the control that Mr. McMurphy took away from her. This quote is describing the third person view of Chief Bromden. Throughout the story, Bromden deceives everyone into thinking that he is deaf, mute, and dumb. The truth is that he just wants to go about his life without the troubles caused by other people. pg. 157- "I'll admit that my first thought when i began to recognize Mr. McMurphy for the disturbing force that he is was that he should most definitely be sent off to Disturbed. But now I believe it is too late. Would removing him undo the harm that he has done to our ward? "

This quote shows that although McMurphy has cleary become a leader for the men, and although he had already caused many problems for the ward, removing him might even cause more problems, for the damage had already been done.
pg. 169- "McMurphy was getting a lot of a kick out of the ruckus he was raising, and I think was a little surprised that he wasn't getting a lot of pressure from the staff too, especially surprised that the big nurse wasn't having any more to say to him than she was."

This quote shows that Mr. McMurphy was getting away without being punished for the chaos he was causing, and he was getting overly confident thinking that he could get away with such actions. pg. 173- "He looked at McMurphy and got no look back, and went down the line of acutes looking for help. Each time a man looked away and refused to back him up, the panic in his face doubled. His looking finally came to a stop at the big nurse. He stamped his foot again. "I want something done! Hear me?..."

This quote shows MrMurphy's defeat after he realizes he is there to stay. He suddenly feels extremely defeated and becomes self-centered. pg. 195- "Tell me why. You gripe, you bitch for weeks on end about how you can't stand this place, can't stand the nurse or anything about her, and all the time you aint committed. I can understand it with some of those old guys in the ward. They're nuts. But you, you're not exactly the everyday man on the street but you're not nuts."

This is when McMurphy gets a harsh reality check and learns that the other men aren't actually forced to stay in the ward. He feels extremely betrayed by the other men for misleading him into thinking they were forced to stay, and he begins to realize that he has gotten himself into a huge mess and that he needs to change his ways. This quote is something said by McMurphy when he
finds out that the patients at the intitution are there
out of own will, and not actually court ordered; besides
him and Scanlon. This shows deception because McMurphy
has been tricked the whole time into believing that
everyone is forced to be there. "Except the Sun, on these three strangers, is all of sudden way the hell brighter than usual and I can see the... seams where they're put together. And, almost, see the apparatus inside them take the words I just said and try to fit the words in here and there, this place and that, and when they find the words don't have any place ready-made where they'll fit, the machinery disposes of the words like they weren't even spoken." -pg 213 This quote is from Chief Bromden talking about the clock. He believes that Ms. Ratched is capable of slowing town time to a dead stop. The deception shown here is the power that Ms. Ratched has enstilled over the entire ward. She has some of the patients believing that she is essentially their god, capable to do as she pleases with her gadgets and machines. In reality, she is just a head nurse taking care of her ward with no hidden contraptions. This quote is describing the men that came to Chief Bromden's father's land to try and negotiate a trade for his land. Bromden was younger in this passage and so I believe, this was the beginning of his belief in the combine. It talks about how he can almost see the machinery inside and his description of the words being tossed away explain to him the stranger's negligence. This quote is talking about how the fog in the ward has become thicker since McMurphy arrived. He's saying that the nurse just about has the machines back to normal again. This shows Bromden's fantasy world because there isn't actually any fog in the ward, the fog is Bromden's lack of sight and incapability to withdrawal from his dream. The dream is his way to get away from his reality. This quote is showing another way the Ms. Ratched is using the "fog" against the ward. She is using it to hide everything around the patients allowing them only to see her and what she wants them to. The fog is symbolic of Ms. Ratched's control over the entire ward even though it is Bromden who sees it. "I still had my own notions - how McMurphy was a giant come out of the sky to save us from the Combine that was networking the land with copper wire and crystal, how he was too big to be bothered with something as measly as money." -pg 267 In the book, Bromden talks about how McMurphy pulls the patients out of the fog. This quote describes him as a hero and reinforces the idea. Bromden is deceived into believing that he is stuck in a prison, unable to escape when in reality he is able to leave at any point because he was not committed. Bromden believes that McMurphy is his lord and savior come to free the patients. McMurphy is a direct comparison to Jesus Christ. This is a quote from one of Bromden's dreams where a man in being hung by his ankle and slashed open. He's surprised to see not blood, but machine parts fall from the dead man. This is obviously his fantasy world of the ward showing that Ms. Ratched replaces parts inside people with machinery, essentially fixing them. This idea contributes the to main idea of a Combine and the hospital being used as something to fix the damaged people. In this quote, Bromden believes that the main purpose of the ward is to fix the mistakes of the outside world. Bromden believes heavily the the Combine being the controlling power in society and the ward is the only way to keep the society running without blemishes. "Now calm down. The best thing we can do is go on with our daily routine." -pg 279 Ms. Ratched says this after Billy commits suicide. She says this very calmly and blankly, without showing any kind of emotion. This shows her deception because she hides any horror or uneasyness with her usual strict values of order and peace. She is a smart woman, capable of masking what she does not want seen and showing things she believes will help her maintain order. Othello:
-Both stories deal with deception in the face of demands.
-Iago decieves Othello into thinking that Desdemona was unfaithful to him. This was driven by Iago's hatred towards Othello and his desire to do him harm
-The other patients decieve McMurphy into thinking that they are all commited there against their will. This is because the other patients do not want to cause conflict with McMurphy and potentially feel his wrath after seeing how unpredictable he is.
Horses of the Night
-These stories both deal with characters that reject the reality they are faced with in exchange for the fantasy world they find bareable
-Chris throughout his growing up retreats further and further into his mind. He does this because the reality of the depression, poverty and war are too much for him to bear.
-Chief sees the combine, which is a large mechanical structure which runs the world. He also sees thick fog whenever he is to sleep or takes medication. This is Chief's mind responding to the trials of the asylum. His mind creates these illusions so he can effectively understand the world around him.
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