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Steam Engine

No description

Jojo Lobler

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Steam Engine

The Story behind the steam engine
Impact of invention
The steam engine had an enormous amount of impact in the world. It overcame limitations of Man and Animal.
The steam engine is a great invention, and had a very positive impact on all aspects covered.
Steam Engine
The Hero of Alexandria The ''Aeolipile''

Social Impacts
Political Impact
Economic Impact
Military Impact
''Water by fire'' the first steam pump
Thomas Savery
This is the first steam engine

The steam engine had sped up the industrial revolution by a lot.

But people had to adapt to the changes. People had to work faster and harder, and work days would be stretched.

James Watt
The power of the country/state would have naturally grown, and there are many different ways.

1712 Illustration of Thomas Newcomen's Steam Engine
True Or False?
When was the steam engine made? 1863, 1879 or 1901?
Who built the steam engine? James Watt and Mathew Bolton or Thomas Seymour and William Savery?
Where was the modern steam engine built? America, Ukraine, England or Australia?
Why was the steam engine built?
James Watt's steam engine
James Watt & Mathew Bolton
To make life easier for workers (e.g. Farmers)
With the invention of the steam engine, came the steam locomotive. It brought many advantages to the world. One example is UK.
Trains can carry more, which increased UK's transport of goods
Steam engines also increased the demand for coal, and UK could provide.
The speed and safety of trains were great for public transportation.

How important do you think the steam engine is?
The steam engine had a great impact on the military. As ships began switching from sails to paddle wheel/ propeller, the ships could have freedom of movement.

Situation before and after the steam engine
Why is it the most important invention?

This invention's impact on the world and our lives had led us to believe this is the best and most important invention.
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