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Humor at Workplace

No description

Atiya Azeem

on 28 July 2011

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Transcript of Humor at Workplace

Atiya Negyal
Tapinder Dhaliwal
Navneet Deol Disclaimer
Introduction: Laughter & Humour
Activity #1: Good and Bad Humor
Activity #2: Pro’s and Con’s
Activity #3: Role Play
Conclusion Activity #3 Role Play 1
Whats wrong with this picture?
How you would approach it Activity #2 LOL - Laughing Workshop Activity # 1 Introduce yourself
Describe how the chocolate made you feel? Disclaimer Part 2 Read the statement to your neighbour.
Neighbour respond to how it made you feel. Split into three group
With leader come up with Pros & Cons of laughter
Read out yours points Benefits What is Laughter? Introduction Part 1 Part 2 Use in everyday Life How can you apply information from this workshop in everyday life. Conclusion Small Things Causing Laughter

leaving a cookie on a coworker’s desk
giving an unexpected compliment
send an encouraging e-mail 100 laughs = 10 Jogs Questions! Types of Good Humour Sexual orientation or acts
Religious or political practices or beliefs
Race or ethnicity
Social status, gender, or age-related stereotypes
Physical appearance and attributes
Weight-related issues
Disabled persons, or persons with any form of diminished capacity
Any other topic that targets an individual or group as being inferior Employee Benefits
Employer Benefits
Social Benefits
Health Benefits Role Play 2
How do you feel about it? Part 1 Creates a happy and welcoming atmosphere
Spontaneous sound
Punctuation of verbal communication
Physiological response to humour Laughter at Workplace. Types of Bad Humour Pay attention to clues about your co-worker’s mood
Start slowly
Trust your intuition
Take yourself lightly – sometimes
Use humour as the icing, not the cake
Avoid playful insults Humour does not always have to bring laughter
It creates a happy environment in a workplace.
Promote a healthier environment Potentially Offensive Content What is Humour? Quality of being funny
Having a sense of humour
Ability to appreciate humour
Laughter is not the same as Humour Disclaimer Potentially offensive content Types of Humour Satire
Sight Gag
Parody Hyperbole
Farce Burlesque
Paradox Part 2 Role Play 2
Whats wrong with this picture?
How you would approach it Agenda Disclaimer
Intro - Laughter & Humour
Activity #1 - Good & Bad
Activity #2 - Pros & Cons
Activity #3 - Role Plays
Conclusion Laughter & Humor at Workplace
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