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Cyrano Act 4

No description

Izzy John

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano Act 4

Act 4 Cyrano At the end of Act 3 Roxane made Cyrano promise to make sure Christian wrote everyday So Cyrano writes everyday But to send the letters he has to walk through enemy territory Everyday wants to die and honorable death by the sword of a better man as he (Cyrano) laughs De Guiche Roxane & Love the Cadets are sick of him and the silly lace he wears He has a spanish spy working for him the spy warns him of an attack Roxane makes a suprise vist to the camp she also brings Ragueneau he brings food for everyone Roxane says the reason she first loved christian was because of his looks but she says that she was wrong and she would love him even if he were ugly christian realizes that it isn't him she loves but Cyrano When Christian dies Cyrano must avenge Christians death and his own
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