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Sports and Recreation in Afghanistan

No description

Megan Grayson

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Sports and Recreation in Afghanistan

Sports and Recreation in Afghanistan By Elizabeth Ward and Megan Grayson Buzkashi National sport of Afghanistan
Translates to: Goat Grabbing
Two types-
Players on horseback are called Chapandaz! Game play and rules! A calf or goat carcass is placed in the center of the playing field. Then the teams must try and get the goat to the scoring zone. (Afghan Sports NP) Other Sports- Cricket
Tent pegging
Kite fighting
Topay- Danda
(Stick ball)
Soccer (Afghan Sports NP) "Afghan National Sport (Buzkashi)."
Afghanistan Online:. A. Qazi, 2012. Web. 02
Oct. 2012.

"Other Popular Sports Played in Afghanistan."
Afghanistan Online:. A. Qazi,
2012. Web. 02 Oct. 2012. WORKS CITED Attan- Afghanistan's National Dance Originally practiced by Pashtun tribes in pagan ceremonies, later adapted to Islam.
Usually accompanied by a dhol (double barreled drum).
Performers form a circle and dance to the beat, going faster as the song progresses.
In more complex attans, dancers may faint from exhaustion.
Often performed at weddings and other special occasions.
(Afghan Sports NP)
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