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Cookies for a Cause

No description

Erin O'Malley

on 12 December 2017

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Transcript of Cookies for a Cause

Cookies make up 50% of the cookie and cracker industry

Cookies can be found in over 68% of households

In recent years demand for cookies is driven by health considerations

Over 8 billion dollar market yearly

Holds $4,060,000 yearly revenue

European-style cafe

variety of tastes (pecan Russian teacakes, chocolate walnut truffles, gluten-free coconut macaroons)

Bringing options & convenience to campus
Geographic Area
Luxury brand-portray great variety of taste and selective value for customer

Selective distribution-not an ordinary cookie

Sold at wholesale value to different charities monthly (ex: month of June sell cookie to Relay For Life)

Sold at bakery on campus, enticing students to spend time there.

Central location - Accino. Convenient to lower and upper campus.

Soft colors, trendy art, sothing music; calming environment for students to relax.

Late night delivery to dorms = Additional $ to charity
Contribution Margin = $0.76

Impressive, especially considering charitable donations
Cookies for a Cause located directly on Providence College Campus

Provide both financial and educational opportunities to the students of PC and the people of the surrounding communities

Students have opportunity to run and manage Cookie for a cause store

Cookies with use high quality and healthy ingredients

• Portion of sales used to give to charity and to help better the community

PC Community between ages of 17-21

Our company will strictly employ Providence College students to manage and run the company.

Faculty and staff employed by PC;
21+ - support our students and convenient to lifestyle.
Those seeking work experience

Looking to build resume

Those looking for a quick, convenient, and satisfying snack

Those with an interest in giving back

Market leader, responsible for $8,120,000 in yearly revenue as of 2014

Tradition of freshly baked goods

Three decades in local community, giving back to community (Amos House, Phoenix House, and St. Mary's Home for Children

Holds $4,930,000 in revenue

Family owned business

Generously gives leftover products to local food pantries and shelters

Fresh produce, baked from scratch, all-natural

Psychographic & Behavioral Segmentation
• Four inches, crunchy outer layer, chewy center

• Variety of flavors; sweet chocolate chips, salty pretzels, tangy cranberries, hearty oatmeal – unique taste

Always made with fresh, wholesome ingredients - low-guilt indulgence

• Homemade, fresh baked look and taste

Individually, half-dozen, dozen

Distinct, recognizable logo with slogan

Black and white to incorporate PC colors

Proudly displays name and logo of monthly charity of choice

Simplistic, practical, aesthetically pleasing design

Variable Cost = $0.24

Price per Cookie = $1.00

Profit per Cookie = $0.76

26 Cookies per Batch

Gross Profit = $19.76 per Batch

$12.92 = Net Profit for Company

$6.84 Donated
Communication Objectives
Message Content
Promotion Mix
Capitalize on School Spirit
Appeals to a variety of eating habits
Make a difference - give back!
Increase brand awareness -
Heighten student and faculty awareness to
quickly gain popularity

Intent to purchase - allow for more sales because it can stimulate a need or want that a customer has and then purchases our cookies.

Trial Purchase – allow people to try our cookies without the risk of spending money on a cookie they have not tried before. Then once they have tried it and enjoy the cookie it can produce repeat customers and purchases.

Delicious and wholesome cookies – “Making Friartown a Little Sweeter”

Storefront location on PC campus is convenient for everyone affiliated with the school

Unique business model – Offers PC students the opportunity to manage, back, and work for our company

Philanthropic: Each month, a portion of our proceeds will benefit a new charity, giving students an opportunity to give back

Advertising: posters hung around campus to promote both purchasing the cookie and employment opportunities.

Sales Promotion: Discount coupons available with purchase at PC Bookstore.

Personal Selling: Student employees to promote and advocate for our company; word of mouth.

Direct Marketing: Campus-wide email blast to students and faculty, utilize PC radio

Public Relations: Creation of social media channels (Twitter & Instagram)
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