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Career shadowing

Wal-Mart Distribution Center Clay Logsdon Mentor: Bradford Logsdon

Clay Logsdon

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career shadowing

Wal-Mart Distribution Center My day Work Day:
Starts at 2:30 P.M. Mentor Checks Email on the Status of his part of the warehouse since he left (as shown) When we arrived at warehouse, We had to go through security. Camera was confiscated. Wal-Mart has a strict "no photo of staff or merchandise" policy. Purpose of Company:
To meet the demands of costumers and keep the Wal-Mart shopping centers stocked with merchandice at all times. No vacations. No breaks. Wal-Mart is running 24/7 except for Thanksgiving Day. As long as people have needs, Wal-Mart will be there to try and please them. Projected that this company will still be thriving in 15 years because it is the largest chain of buildings worldwide. Many employability skills are needed to work at this profession.
Work under stress
Work as a team
Work in dangerous enviorments
Work in extreme temperatures (95-15 degress)
Work with other people
Able to problem solve
Able to make right decisions
Be able to work with technology The average salary for this job is $17 an hour. the official job title is "Manager of Resource Security" Education Needed: High school graduate or GED. Technology Used: Communication system (email, broadwidth radios)
McAfee Security
Microsoft 07 Pro More Job skills:
Speak English
Read English
Good Spelling I am not interested in this career.
I want to be a biologist. What I liked best:
It's a very realxed enviornment. You can mess around and have fun as long as daily work gets completed efectively. What I disliked:
Its the world's biggest business but pay is relatively low. Overall Professionalism... 4 They are not required to wear a specific uniform like how an attorney would. But dressing nicely and appropiately is important. In communication, spelling and grammer are very important and your boss does read all emails to make sure you are being professional to the client. Technology Use: 5 Almost everything uses technology. Computers are used for communications and tracking orders. Radios are used. GPS is used. Tools and machinery are used. This businesss could not function without the technology is currently has. Or in any rate, it could function very efectively. This represents an actual day at Wal-Mart according to my mentor. I learned from this project how dependant this company is on technology. I knew that technology was used quite a bit but they track each Wal-Mart semi with GPS to make sure it's on schedule and the technology is so great, they can track the truck to the exact address it's next to. Written Structure: 5 Spelling, grammer and word choice are all extremely important and employee's do get in trouble for their English. Wal-Mart wants to be depicted as a very professional enviorment and in their warehouse, they are. CLAYTON LOGSDON
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