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White Lilacs Overview

This is a quick overview of the book "White Lilacs"

Sonia Patel

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of White Lilacs Overview

White Lilacs By Carolyn Meyer Setting &Time This book takes place in Freedomtown that's just in the middle of Dillon, TX 1921 The main character in the story, is a twelve year old who is about to forced into growing up rather quickly. She is a girl that loves life, loves her family, loves to draw. She especially loves spending time with her grandfather. The gardener for the Bell's family, that also has a beautiful garden and is a oldest member to the Jefferson family, he also is Rose Lee's dear grandfather Rose Lee's aunt has been working for the Bell's for many years and wishes that they would treat her differently. Aunt Tillie is a very judgmental and somewhat sensitive person. Rose lee's older brother who wants all of the black people to go back to Africa. Henry gets into a lot of trouble with the white people because of his stubborness throughout the book. The Bells' daughter who is sick of being under her mother's control. She also is confident and unlike her mother, respects the blacks in the community and wishes that they shouldn't have to leave their homes Climax Conflict Resolution My Favorite Part... When the city council of Dillon, TX unveils its plans to destroy Freedomtown-the city's all-black community-and replace it with a park, the small town is incredulous with fear and panic. They cannot imagine leaving their homes and having to be evicted from their own property. But as the pressing possiblilty becomes overwhemingly present, can they fight back to save their homes?Or will they end up giving in and moving elsewhere? A native to St. Louis, is a bold and determined women who speaks out despite the possibility of consequences, she is a marvel to Rose Lee The climax of the book is when Rose Lee's brother, Henry gets tarred and feathered by local white boys because he refused an order. In the end, the people of Freedomtown's homes are scraped up and relocated to The Flats. Rose Lee's parents decided to sent away Henry for his own safety. Sadly, Grandfather Jim passes away and leaves the last of the book in a dismal tone. "His body seemed be plastered with feathers, like some huge, horrible bird (Meyer 141)." My favorite part was when the community got together to celebrate their last Juneteenth together- though it was sad- there still was some hope left that maybe they could change the dreadful event of leaving. "I was too excited to think about such sad things as 'our last time'. Delicious food crowded every corner of our kitchen...It was almost like Mrs.Bell's kitchen the night before her party, but ours was a different kind of eats, not so dainty and fine but hearty food that would stick to your ribs (Meyer 84)." Main Characters -Rose Lee- A small-minded, pretentious woman who believes that people like Aunt Tillie belong doing housework for whites. She also is very protective of her daughter, Catherine Jane from doing "inappropriate business" such as cutting her hair -Aunt Tillie- -Catherine Jane- -Mrs.Bell- -Grandfather Jim- -Henry- -Aunt Susannah- "Henry was stubborn.There was no telling him anything (Meyer 20)." "Mrs.Bell was kind, generous even...But I did not feel easy around any of the Bells except Catherine Jane (Meyer 5)." "Catherine Jane was fourteen and willfull.I thought she was talking about bobbing her hair just to upset her mother...(Meyer 130." "It wasn't only that she was so pretty and her clothes looked better that almost everyone else's. It was that she carried herself like she was something special (Meyer 74)." "I longed to be out in the garden with Grandfather where I felt at home, digging or drawing... (Meyer 9)." "Grandfather Jim Williams spent every spare minute tending his beautiful garden in Freedomtown (Meyer 1)." "Aunt Tillie kept on slicing, singing softly as she worked. You could tell how Aunt Tillie felt by what she was singing (Meyer 147)."
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