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B02 Unit 4 H.E.R.

Activities and Interests

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of B02 Unit 4 H.E.R.

is running

What is he doing?
is talking
on the phone.
What is he doing?
is reading
a book.
What is he doing?
is taking
a shower.
What is he doing?
Angela is studying.
What is Angela doing?
What is he doing?
He is working.
What is he doing?
They are working on their project.
What are they doing?
I’m fine!
Not bad. How about you?
I’m not so good.
I’m so-so.
I’m fine!
Hey, how’re you doing?
Hey, how're you doing?
Is Angela studying?
What is Angela doing?
Yes, she is.
Angela is studying for her exam.
Is Angela studying?
What is Angela doing?
I’m majoring in

I study

I’m doing …
How are you doing in your classes?
I’m taking …
What classes are you taking?
These days
I’m studying at ICPNA this month.
These days
I’m working at ICPNA this month.
At this moment
I’m watching
“Al Fondo Hay Sitio”.

At this moment
I’m drinking coffee.
These days
I’m painting for my art class this week.
At this moment
I’m painting for my art class.
Hi, my name is Hugo Rodriguez. I’m a student at ICPNA and I study English everyday. My English class is called Basic 02. I’m studying English because I’m doing it for fun. I love English.
I’m learning many things and in this unit I’m learning the present continuous. I’m doing great in my English class and I think my English is improving. Outside of class, I am singing songs in English and doing exercises on MyELT.
When are your classes?
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I have ...
Which class is your favorite?
My favorite class is...
Which class would you take?
I would take the ... class.
1. Anna ____ (rest) right now.
2. They ____ (help) the teacher right now.
3. I ____ (write) a book these days.
4. John ____ (eat) salad and I am eating fish.
5. Ivonne ____(visit) Lisa next week.
6. We ____(work) on the new show right now.
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