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Energy-saving technologies

No description

Egor Podlesny

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Energy-saving technologies

Energy-saving technologies
The Russian construction sector has great potential to save energy. Insufficient insulation, leaky windows, inefficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning are problem areas of most buildings.
Heat pump - unit converting low-grade heat the soil, water or air in the heat for heating and hot water supply. HPI has the highest in comparison with other heating systems, efficiency factor.
Solar Collector
Solar panels - installation, using the energy of solar radiation for heating and hot water. There are several types of solar collectors : flat, with hubs , industrial , vacuum and combined. To use a solar collector in freezing conditions is promising vacuum manifold having the highest efficiency.
Low-power wind turbines
Individual wind turbines are able to provide a low power stand-alone consumer required amount of electricity. Power of wind turbines , usually no more than 5-10 kW. The average range of wind speeds for the power of such wind turbines is in the range of 5-7 m / s . The service life of installed wind power ranges from 20 to 30 years.
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