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Parent University 101

Tulane Orientation 2013

Rachel Champagne

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Parent University 101

Essential Tools for Parents Tulane Parent University 101 With your Tulane student Navigating Essential Tools: lingo, general overview of university processes

Resources for later: understanding the Tulane web & how to reach presenters What you can expect during this session. Parent Orientation 2013 About Orientation Students will be learning most of the same information as parents.
You will receive a lot of information.
Presentations will be available online.
All contact information for presenters is in the Tulane Parent Guide.
Resources with frequent topics for parents is available on the parents.tulane.edu website. Beyond Orientation Information for Parents Monthly E-Newsletters

Webinars on Timely Topics

parents.tulane.edu Tulane Parents assisting Parents Pelican Partners Pelican Partners are available across the country! Providing a framework for Parent Orientation Foundations of Tulane Lingo & University Processes What is it used for, How to deposit & Sample Budget Tulane Splash Card Accounts Receivable (Bill) Accounts on the Splash Card Printing credit Residence Hall Access Reily Center Access Library Card Splash Debit Meal Plan Deposits: Online, In-Person, or By Mail Budget: Website: Student Profile: Each Meal Plan includes: Meal Swipes - Cafeteria style meal
Wave Buck$ - Food Court,Coffee Shop,+
NOLA Buck$ - Off-campus @ Restaurants Each Meal Plan for New Students costs: $2575.00 Meal Plans will be selected by students tomorrow and can be changed online until July 28, 2013. Understanding GibsonOnline for Parents How do Students Manage their University Accounts? Students can view all accounts here: E-mail, course schedule, Tuition Bill, Financial Aid, Splash Card, Grades and More!

Parents can not access this system, but they can be granted access to the Tuition Bill through Net Pay. GibsonOnline What Parents Should Know How do I reach
contacts at Tulane? Use your Parent Guide!

Check the website
(maximize the benefit of your voicemail message)
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