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The Sapphires Prezi

No description

Soul Music

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of The Sapphires Prezi

Soul Music
Question One
Dave is convinced that soul music is the only form of music that is valuable and appropriate for the Vietnam War because… Soul music is about loss but never giving up so this music is appropriate because most of the soldiers could probably relate to this concept of losing something but never giving up. This will also make them feel like they are not alone on this journey .
Question Two
The Sapphires music from the beginning of the tour and at the end were different because...

At the start of their adventure to Vietnam, they had no idea what to expect. This must have been a big shock to them.
At their first gig, they were really nervous at first. You could tell they weren't letting their emotions go.
They got used to singing in front of their audience. The loud cheers from the audience gave them a boost of confidence.
When they went along the trip singing for the soldiers, they started to show their true feelings for the songs.
I think they also realized how much they and all the soldiers enjoyed it.
At the end they were more emotional since they realized how many people died from the bomb that went off in front of them.

From the start of the tour to the end of their tour they had changed a lot growing more with confidence and singing soul music from their hearts.
Question Three
By asking
The Sapphires
to make their music sound blacker Dave was asking the girls to sound like the popular bands of that time who were singing soul music witch had a lead singer and group harmonies. The girls also had to make their voices sound blacker.
Question Four
The Sapphires
made their music sound blacker by making Julie the lead singer and the other three girls singing the harmony as a group. The girls made their voices sound blacker by singing deeper and from their stomachs which gave them the 'Soul music' feel.
Question Five
Question 6
- Soul Music is Popular
- Sung by African Americans
- Based on R&B ( Rhythm & Blues ) and Gospel Music
- Components of Jazz and Rock Music
- Characterized by intensity of Earthiness and feeling
- 'Soul' - Used to describe Black popular Music
- Soul music evolved in 1950's
- It was the African Americans version on R&B, Rock & Roll is White peoples version of R&B
- Soul music started in the South
- Earlier Soul Artists: Ray Charles, James Brown & Sam Cook
- Modern Day Soul Artists: Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker & Whitney Houston
- Soul music is a combination of music that both White and Black people sung
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