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Queen Elizabeth's “The Golden Speech”

No description

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth's “The Golden Speech”

Queen Elizabeth's “The Golden Speech”
Cultural & Historical Significance
Queen Elizabeth I’s Farewell Speech to the Parliament
Controversial transition to the throne
At time of speech very well loved by her people
Most thought the speech would focus on a financial situation in England but instead becomes a farewell speech
Important Terms
Rhetorical Work-analyzed to determine how and why the author writes/speaks on the topic (communicates intentions)
Rhetorical Analysis-determining the purpose
Context Clues-“helper” words that help you identify the meanings of unfamiliar words
The Speech
addressing Parliament and England
thanking them for their loyalty
assuring them of her love and respect
persuading all to be loyal to her as she leaves throne
Don't Forget!
Read the entire lesson.
Complete all activities.
Complete the assessment.
Contact your teacher if you need more help!
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