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Night Terrors


Amari Crosby

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Night Terrors

The Night was never clear.
All but they could hear.
The cause might be In the Sunlight.
But the Moon was what exposed the sight.
An older being, the victim,Would never believe it was him.
In Stage 4, it’s the core.
There’s screaming and Yelling, eyes open.
But for God’s sake,The man was not awake.
With no memory.
The Sun’s coming day,
A memory that did not stay.
As an ocean’s tide swept in, Stage 4 crept in.
Once again no stirring Would stir, the tide Was on it’s own side.
All soon slithered away,Once the daylight set it’s breeze.
But it will stay, once it is Again on release. Clear HEAR SUNLIGHT VICTIM STAGE 4 MOON SCREAMING
EYES OPEN The sleeper will not remember the night; which is why it is clear. The sleeper might not realize or even remember that they are screaming, but those around them will of course know that they were. The reason for such night terrors might be coming from daytime; in an adult, night terrors can be caused by stress coming from daily life. Moon is a metaphor for night, night terrors are exposing the fact that something is wrong; it may be pressure or stress from the reality. An adult, since it is rather common in children - the victim may not realize it quickly. Night terrors occur in Stage 4; they occurs during the transition from stage 3 to stage 4. These are all symptoms of night terrors; while there are others - these are the most common to indicate that the child is having a night terror and not a night mare. NOT AWAKE Even though their eyes are open and their screaming, the victim is not awake. MEMORY Victims normally do not remember what happened in their night terror the next morning - it is very rare people do in fact remember. NO STIRRING Even if you try to wake a person experiencing night terrors, they will not wake up; it may even make it worse, for you not them. TIDE WAS ON ITS OWN SIDE No one has the power to stop a tide from coming nor can people stop it from coming early - such as in night terrors, you can't make them end. A night terror will eventually end on its on. AWAY As stated before, night terrors will end eventually, since they are only temporary. In some cases, medicine by the name of Imipramine or brand name Tofanil or Benzodiazephine drugs by the names of Klonopin or Valium; these are only prescribed in severe cases however. ITS BREEZE Once the victims lives become less stress and pressure orientated, the night terrors should end. AGAIN If the causes of night terrors resurface, the night terrors will reappear.
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