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Bub's wedding El camino real

No description

Summer Briseno

on 11 January 2015

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Transcript of Bub's wedding El camino real

Bub's wedding El Camino real
Our mission is the 22and mission. the name of our mission is Bub's wedding El Camino Real. Our missionwas founded 3/11/14. the founder of our mission is Valec [aka Bubby] because he came up with the name. The location of our mission is choosen at the park by Santa Cruz board walk, because after the weddings the people who got married might want to go to a fun park to play games and swim . The resources that are avilable are rings because people can use them to marry each other.
Mission beginning
By; Elizabeth (Lizzy) Mello
Lizzy,Summer,Bubby,and Blake live at the mission, because they marry the people and they don't want to be late to the mission. Things being taught at our mission is to be nice and kind and the other one is fashion. For the aniversry we have the fashion shows for the girls we have a BBQ for the boys. We would like donations for the kids who come to the fashion shows and BBQ,if they don't want to watch or eat what ever we do, then from the donations we can get stuff for the kids.
Daily life
The main reason we have this mission is because if someone is going to get married and they get into a fight we will take them to our mission and put them in a room, until their ready to get married. The daily life on our mission is weddings 24-2, the chef makes the food. Some actives that are on our mission is Farming, cooking, and more jobs. Also we have a dance party on the anniversry. even if you are not getting married you can still come too our mission you just have to tell us about our mission.
Interesting facts
Our mission
what's interesting about our mission is that we all marry the people who go to our mission. What also makes our mission diffrent from the others is that on the anniversary of our mission is that we have the B.B.Q on the balcony, for the anniversary. The only thing we have in common is weddings with other missions.
by: Bubby
By: Blake H.
By; Elizabeth
(Lizzy) Mello

Summer Briseno
7:30 wake up
8:00 make breakfast
9:25 get ready for wedding
12:30 take pictures
1:00 line up for wedding
1:30 have wedding
2:30 eat lunch/dinner
4:00 dance/songs
(next day) 6:00 have fashion shows/BBQ
6:30 fashion show/BBQ starts
go to sleep past 12:30
(in between do what ever you want)

Thanks for watching
As presented by
Lizzy,Valec [Bubby],
Summer,and Blake H.
Feel free to clap!
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