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The Rebirth of Reform

No description

Jentri Sherman

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of The Rebirth of Reform

The Rebirth of Reform
Reform Darwinism
Lester Ward argued that human beings were different from other animals because they had the ability to think ahead and make plans. His ideas were known as Darminism. He insisted people had succeeded in the world not because of their ability to compete but because of there ability to cooperate.
"Looking Backward"
By the late 1800's some critics of Darwinism had moved to the opposite extreme. In 1888 Edward Bellamy published "Looking Back". In this book a man falls asleep in 1887 and wakes up in 2000 to a world that was perfect, no crime,
Naturalism in Literature
Looking Back
Naturalism was a new style of writing. Naturalists thought that people couldn't always fix their problems. Social Darminists argued that people could control their lives by makeing choices to improve different situations.
Stephan Crane
poverty, or politics. In this fictional sociaty the Government owns all industries and shares the wealth equally with all Americans. Bellamy's ideas were essentially a form of socialism.
A naturalist writer who believed no one could control what happened to them.
The Social Gospel
From about 1870 until 1920 the Social Gospel movement worked to better conditions in cities according to the biblical ideals of charity and justice.
Walter Rauschenbusch
Walter Rauschenbusch a baptist minister, who led the Social Gospel Movement. He thought competition was the cause of many social problems causing good people to behave badly.
The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), that began in England, helped industrial workers and the urban poor by organizing Bible Studies, prayer meetings, citizenship training, and group activities.
Settlement House Movement
The Settlement House Movement was where middle class residents would help the poor and have a place for them to stay. Jane Addams opened the Hull House in Chicago and inspired many people like Lillian Wald who opened the well-known Henry Street Settlement in New York.
Immigrant Education
Public school was crucial for the immigrant children because they needed the educaiton and they needed to know how to socialize with people to be successful.
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