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Tanning Salons - UV radiation

No description

Q Lee

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Tanning Salons - UV radiation

By Alice Lee and Quimby Lee
Period 2 TANNING BEDS Pros of Tanning Beds: * Improves the production of melanin
* Stimulates production of vitamin D
* Enhances physical appearance BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Fluorescent Lamps UV radiation resembling sun Cons of Tanning Beds: UV radiation:
UVA rays: 95% rays emitted
* deeper penetration

These rays stimulate production of melanin (a pigment) to protect the body. * Can increase the risk of skin cancer
* Both types of rays can affect the skin at a genetic level
* Exposes eyes to 100 times more radiation than natural sun-tanning
* Creates wrinkles and weakens the connective tissue in the skin. CONCLUSION * Cons outweigh the benefits
+ increases risk of diseases (skin cancer and melanoma, eyes, burns) * in the end, has negative affects to appearance,
+ wrinkles and premature aging of skin. * Cons continued: * Burns are frequently found after using a tanning bed
* The skin may be dried out and there may be a change in texture. (i.e. wrinkles, leathery skin, change in thickness, and age spots.) UVB rays: 5% rays emitted
*penetrate only top layer each bed has about 10-50 lamps, each consuming about 100 to 200 watts.
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