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SCLY1 - Childhood3

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on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of SCLY1 - Childhood3

Sue Palmer says that childhood is toxic. She says that technological advances and cultural changes has damaged children's physical, emotional and intellectual development. These changes include
Junk Food
Computer Games
Increased Marketing to children. Childhood is evolving and toxic Many sociologists say that childhood isn’t disappearing. It is spreading throughout the world instead. Disappearing, or spreading… There is many people who fight to get children off the streets in foreign countries. They say that children shouldn’t be there.
This however is because in Western Childhood, it isn’t right for children to be on their own and on the streets.

But is this the way things should be?
Sociologists argue that some cultures accept that there is no childhood. In Third World Countries, families cannot afford children to be economically dependent. The Globalisation of Western Childhood They say that some children still have their own separate culture.
They still have their own games that they play and they get to stay in this culture for some time. Separate Childhood Culture Neil Postman (1994) argues that childhood is disappearing. He says that children are getting the same rights as adults.
He also says that the old borders like dress code are becoming merged again
He also states that more children are committing adult crimes like murder. The disappearance of childhood The birth and death rate is down so there are less children and more elderly. This is causing a ‘decline in childhood’ because there are less children.
Birth and Death rates have a direct effect on ‘childhood’ Birth and Death rates down… AS Sociology The Future of Childhood When TV became popular this division broke because you only need to speak to understand the TV. This meant that the division is all but gone now. This meant that they could live carefree lives. Mass Literacy meant that children could be hidden from adult problems Because the ability to speak was the only thing needed to join the adult world, there was no childhood. Childhood Map
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