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Development Plan

No description

Amy Beros

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Development Plan

Development Plan

Top 5 Challenges
~ Database constraints – extremely limited donor knowledge stored
~ Limited Board fundraising opportunities for engagement
~ Losing current donors – number of lapsed donors doubled since 2010 (1150 to 2200)
~ Low percentage of donors giving at leadership level (2.6% giving at $1000+)
~ Administrative constraints – not enough manpower for all data entry and prospect research needs

Top Opportunities
~ Compelling cause with good name recognition
~ Ability to launch earned income programs (team building events, Catering with a Cause, ag and farm workshops)
~ Vision is scalable – teach others what we do and how we do it
~ Local Food and Farm to Table movement
~ HUGE volunteer base
~ Donors with ability to give more

Year 1
Development Initiatives
Year 1
Development Initiatives
Measurement Tools
# times we thanked donors
# new donors
# increased gifts
# major gift cultivation visits
# corporate/foundation visits
# IFFS tours hosted
# lapsed donors returned
IFFS Case for Support
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is an innovative hunger-relief organization. We believe hunger IS fixable if we work together as a community to do 2 things: create sources of healthy food in every low-income neighborhood and grow skills for self-sufficiency. From BackPack Buddies to nutrition education, mobile markets to urban gardens, culinary job training to urban agriculture training, we go directly to people in need and create what works to empower them. We feed. We teach. We grow…to create a hunger-free (and healthy) community.
Calendar of Activities
Quantifying our Case
for Support
We Feed:
$1 will rescue 8 lbs of food

We Teach:
$100 will provide a family a six week Cooking Matters course

We Grow:
$1000 will jump start training for an incubator farmer or urban ag speciality

Culture of Philanthropy

To be successful, fundraising cannot be isolated to the Development Department. Every staff member, board member and volunteer is an ambassador for fund development.

Creating a culture of philanthropy is not about creating an organization of solicitors but rather an understanding that everyone is an ambassador for IFFS and should believe in the IFFS mission, embrace their role in the IFFS family and understand the power of philanthropy.
Year 1
Development Initiatives
Percentage Goals
~ Increase corporate/foundation giving by 10%
~ Increase number of leadership gifts by 20%
~ Maintain 100% Board giving
~ 75% Board participation in fundraising - thank you calls, introductions, etc.
(stretch goal: 100%)
~ 100% CLT level giving
~ 100% CLT level participation in fundraising
~ 75% Board Associate giving
Fiscal development goals to be determined as a joint effort between board and staff for accountability and buy in.
Now What?
Development Committee
Board of Directors
Board Associates
Creative Leadership Team

How can you influence giving and stewardship at IFFS?

Development Process
Annual Stewardship Plan & Increased Engagement for Donors & Prospects
Define Development Office Process and Procedures
Integration of databases through salesforce.com (volunteer, donor, communications)
Develop annual stewardship calendar (inc. thank you events)
Desired Outcomes
~ "Touch" donors three times before being asked for money again
~ Win back lapsed donors
~ Increase gifts
~ More accurate information on donors/volunteers
~ Increase giving among volunteers
Corporate and Major Gifts ($1000+)
Create and Launch Development Committee
Create Top 100 Corporate and Top 50 Major Donor Prospect Lists - research and rate prospects
Launch Leadership Giving Circle
(gifts of $1000+)
Develop and Launch Corporate Team Building Events (Culinary and Farm)
Desired Outcomes
~ Increase corporate/foundation giving by 10%
~ Increase number of leadership gifts by 20%
~ Account expansion as well as account acquisition
Increase Board of Directors and Board Associate Engagement Opportunities with Development
Training of Fundraising Committee to Represent IFFS at Events and Speaking Engagments
Educate All Board and Staff on Development Process - we are all advocates!
Desired Outcomes
~ Maintain 100% Board Giving
~ 100% Board Participation in Development
~ 100% CLT level giving
~ 100% CLT level participation in Development
~ 75% Board Associate Giving
~ 75% Board Associate Participation in Development
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