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Yearbook Photography

No description

ysamae aguinaldo

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Yearbook Photography

ph tog ra phy The art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface.
(merriamwebster.com) HOLDING
CAMERA The slightest movement from you (breathing, trembling hands, wind, movements around you and etc.), will create vibration and thus BLURRY PHOTOS. Tip 1. Tuck Your Arms When Standing

Tip 2. Brace Yourself Against a Stable Object

Tip 3. Brace Your Camera On Your Arm

Tip 4. Place Your Feet Flat-Footed

Tip 5. Sit With Your Elbows On Your Knees WHAT
GOOD PHOTO? sharp (in focused)
story telling
Background / Surroundings
Arrange / Re-direct
Close / Move in MODE DIAL Basic Zones - Point & Shoot full auto
night portrait
flash off SHUTTER BUTTON pressing halfway - activates auto-focus
/automatic exposure (shutter speed) pressing completely - releases
shutter + takes picture BE CREATIVE,
BREAK THE RULES trial and error through experiments learn from your mistakes learn from other photographers
and friends remember.. Have fun and enjoy yourself
through the process of photography! shooting portraits The further the distance between
the subject and the background the better. The subject will stand out better on a blurred background. shooting moving objects - Use the center AF point to focus.
- Aim the center AF point over the
- Press shutter button halfway to
auto focus.
- When taking the picture press the
shutter button smoothly and
- Holding the shutter button
down = continuous shooting
(3 shots/second). night portrait mode - flash - Keep the person within 5 metres from the camera.
- Under low light the built-in flash will film automatically.
- Effective distance = 5 metres. Taking pictures
for yearbook not
only gives you a sense of
pride of having your
photos published, you
also help
record history. BACKGROUND &
SURROUNDINGS - Avoid and watch out for distracting objects
around your subjects, especially around the head. RULE OF THIRD The rule of third is a compositional rule of thumb in visual arts such as painting, photography and design. practice, practice and practice - The rule states that an image should be imagined
as divided into nine equal parts by two equally
spaced horizontal and vertical lines and that
important compositional elements should be placed
along these lines or their intersections. - The dots where the lines meet are pretty much.
where our eyes go to. It's the central focus of
the picture. closing
moving in - Try to fill up 2/3
of the frame. - Avoid zooming but stand
closer if you can. arrange/re-direct ARRANGE/RE-DIRECT - Avoid posed photos, if possible. - Direct / move / request / adjust your subjects to
fit into your picture if possible. - Put in/include "tools" into your pictures to
make it more believable/real. ANGLES - Avoid shooting from your height or point-of-view. Go lower, higher,
wider, narrower and etc.
- A better picture is probably just a few centimeters and/or degrees.
- Shoot as many pictures as possible from various angles. CANDIDS - Try to take a lot of pictures of a lot of different people, different grades, different groups.

- Candids are natural and spontaneous. TRY to stay away from posed photos and AIM for genuine action shots.

- Get a good angle. As amazing as the photo is, if you can't see their face there's no use of it being in the yearbook. YEARBOOK
PHOTOGRAPHY 1 1 BY YSAMAE AGUINALDO 0 DON'T TAKE NO AS AN ANSWER ..unless you get threatened. Garden City Collegiate is a public school,
therefore we have the rights to take as
many pictures as we want of the students and
staff. Even without their permission. And seriously, deep down
inside we all want our faces
in the yearbook. TAKE PICTURES OF
this is OUR yearbook,
let's get as many faces
as we can!! thank you :) - A "clean" and plain
background is useful
in isolating your
subjects and is less
distracting. - Less is more.
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