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Energy Sources

No description

Brooke January

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Energy Sources

Brooke January ENERGY SOURCES Continued More on petroleum Hydroelectricity- electricity produced form the energy of moving water. Fossil Fuels- formed from the decaying remains of ancient plants and animals. petroleum is a mixture of thousands of chemical compounds, most of these are hydrocarbons. 15% of the petroleum based substances in the U.S go toward nonfuel uses. The worlds top 10 petroleum producers. Geothermal Energy-thermal energy that is contained in hot magma. Nonrenewable Resources-resources that can't be replaced by a natural process as quickly as they are used. Nuclear Reactor-uses the energy from controlled nuclear reactions to generate electricity. Nuclear Waste- is any radioactive byproduct that results when radioactive materials are used. Photovoltaic Cell- converts radiant energy from the sun directly into electrical energy. Biomass-renewable organic matter. Petroleum-highly flammable liquid formed by decayed ancient organisms. fuels, plastics and synthetic fabrics are made from the hydrocarbons found in crude petroleum. also grease, motor oil and asphalt are made from petrolem Renewable Resource-energy source that is replaced nearly as quickly as it is used. petroleum Geothermal Energy
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