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Lemonade Diet/The Master Cleanse Improved!

Stanley Burrough's Ideas Are Still Capturing Followers at Lemonadediet.com!

Brian Smith

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Lemonade Diet/The Master Cleanse Improved!

Stanley Burroughs (October 9, 1903 -June 16, 1991) was the inventor of the Master Cleanse or "lemonade" diet, which he published in his book The Master Cleanser, first distributed in the 1950s. Amazon.com reports (as of 2007-04-10) a sales rank of #170 for The Master Cleanser.
Lemonade Powder:
Lemons have been consumed for decades for their powerful antibacterial benefits, as well as their potent concentration of the immune system booster Vitamin C. Lemons also provide the body with citric acid and potassium. Two essential nutrients which promote a strong, healthy body.
Raspberry Ketone:
Raspberry ketone is quickly becoming popular for it's ability to regulate metabolism. It also causes fat within your cells to be broken up much more effectively. To receive the same benefits as the compound found in 100mg of our raspberry ketone, you would need to eat 90 lbs of raspberries!.
Kelp herb has long been known to improve thyroid function. The thyroid gland creates essential proteins, helps control the amount of energy that the body uses, and regulates metabolism. All crucial to losing weight efficiently.
Europeans have been using chickweed as an appetite suppressant for decades. Some of its other amazing benefits include the ability to eliminate excess water and bloating, increase metabolism, and assists in digestion. Chickweed also softens fat cells, helping push them out of the body.
Burdock Root:
When combined with chickweed, burdock root is able to transport fat cells out of the body as it cleanses and detoxifies.
Maple Syrup:
Produces essential energy from potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, and amino acids.
Cayenne Pepper:
Also known as the diet powerhouse, cayenne pepper has been used as a body detoxifier, appetite suppressant, powerful metabolism booster, and an all-natural stimulant for hundreds of years.
Papaya Leaf
Another key ingredient in our proprietery formula that helps to speed up metabolism and burn fat.
An all natural sugar alternative derived from the plant's leaves, Stevia can be 300 times sweeter than sugar. When Stevia is in its pure, unadulterated form, there are no effects on glucose levels in the blood, and it can be used safely by both diabetics and hypoglycemics.
We Love the Lemonade Diet!
Where Did it Come From & How Did it all Begin?
The Stars of the Lemonade Diet!
Supporting Cast of the Lemonade Diet!
The Lemonade Diet
The Master Cleanse
Trulicious: Triu Naturals' Brand of Proprietary all Natural Sweeteners.
Triu Naturals' Flavored Liquid Stevia Sweeteners:

Triu Naturals' New Powdered Stevia Sweetener:
Erythritol-Sugar Alcohol
Vitafiber-Natural Fiber
Stevia-Natural Sweetener
Monk Fruit (Luo Han)-Natural Sweetener
Steps for Lemonade Diet

1. Ease In
2. The Lemonade Diet
3. Ease Out
The Steps for The Master Cleanse

1. The diet takes at least 10 days
2. The only nourishment that you take is a special lemonade drink blend made from the Master Cleanse ingredients: lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water, six to twelve glasses per day, each glass containing about 110 calories in sugar carbohydrates
3. An herbal laxative tea is drunk at night and a quart of salt water is drunk first thing in the morning, resulting in several liquid bowel movements every day.
4. You come off the diet by transitioning to solid food over a few days, ideally becoming a raw food vegetarian in Stanley Burroughs’ version of the diet.
Tell Me More! What Makes it Work?
1. I can Cleanse and Loose Weight at the Same Time!
2. Triu Naturals' Lemonade Diet is Convenient and packed with ingredients to make the diet even better!
3. It's Proven Over Time!
4. I've Seen the Results on Others :)
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