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blah blah blah

Buckley Booher

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of X-Ray

X-Rays!!! History of the X-ray. The X-ray was invented by complete accident Invented in 1985 by Wilhelm Roentgen Discovered when he was researching with electron beams and gas discharge tubes, Here is a video!! Notice. The ring is still completly black. Why??? Future of the X-ray. Risks of x-rays. Although an x-ray does in volve raitation, an x-ray vertually harmless. Infact it is more likely to get harmed by the sun's radiation but it can cause damage to your genetic and reproductive cells. All of this can be avoided by wearing lead, such as a lead jacket Preganant women should get no more than 10 x-rays during the duration of their preganacy The cancer risk is unlikely too. if you exceed 300 x-rays a year, your risk of cancer will increase by 1% one thing has already changed now, most radiology centers do not use the actual film. now, they are mostly digital. Doctors can pull up the x-ray from where ever they are to look at it, instead of the having to put the film against light. Besides becoming digital, I think x-ray machines will become smaller, and not take up an entire room. How
work? VIDEO HERE http://science.discovery.com/videos/100-greatest-discoveries-shorts-the-discovery-of-x-rays.html The End
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