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YMCA Alexander Family

No description

Nada Laalou

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of YMCA Alexander Family

Company Background

YMCA as a whole has been around since 1844 and started in London, England.
The first YMCA in the US was in Boston in 1851
YMCA has been apart of the triangle for 150 years.
The Alexander Family YMCA was officially established in 1960
YMCA is a non-profit organization putting Christian values into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.
YMCA serves almost 21 million men, women and children around the world

Products and Services
The YMCA offers products and services such as
Basketball court
Workout facility
Personal Training
Yoga, Pilates, and other personalized classes
Child Care

Plenty of options to chose from and great for families that like doing different things.

IMC Objectives
Gain more exposure for the Alexander Family YMCA & persuade people to join through things such as
newspaper ads,
radio commercials,
and social events.

Get an
page up and work on improving other social media sites
Raise member count by 5% over the next year through advertising.
Push for more advertising avenues to get the brand recognized

Situation Analysis
Social Media
are updated around twice per week
Blog does not work on Chrome
There is a YMCA of the Triangle Youtube account that uploads quality videos but lacks views. Seven views for a video that has been out a week. Money waster. How can we get more views out of it
Pinterest is up to date and well done

Average Annual Marketing Budgets: YMCA $21,429
Current member count is 15,000

Defensive Strategy
“Being the first in the market, all the other competitors don’t matter”

Implementing a defensive strategy because that is the style that all the YMCA’s around the world implement.
Offensive strategy
“Attacking competitors with higher market share”
Other gyms use this strategy in their advertisements, but we feel that the YMCA should not change their strategy based on their competitors.
The YMCA already has a higher brand image than the other gyms which means they do not have to fight other competitors.
Gym competition is on the rise with companies such as:
Planet Fitness
24-Hour Fitness.

Target Market
Young families with small children
Target older age groups around 65+
A lot of spot marketing around the Raleigh area.
Also market in cities such as Cary and Apex since cities are close to one another.
Looking for middle to upper income families in good areas.

IMC Strategies
Radio Commercial
Social Event
Newspaper Ad

Radio Commercials
Radio Spot-
I just had a job offer this summer in THE best company ever!
Congratulations! I am so happy for you!
Thank you, but I am not sure if I will accept it… I can’t afford babysitting all summer long and I would like to have some free time to keep myself in shape
Well then you should sign up for the YMCA.
YMCA? What is a gym going to do for me and my kids?
You see YMCA is not just a simple gym. It is THE best gym ever. In addition to having all kinds of facilities for your own well-being, YMCA also provides all day activities for kids. Well trained monitors and professionals take care of your children by not only providing a wide range of sports activities and also educational ones. You can also have your free time for yourself in the process!
That sounds great! I am headed right now to sign up for the Alexander Family YMCA.
Social Events
Every other month, the Alexander Family YMCA will host a
day which encourages non-members to come try it out free of charge.
All equipment, facilities, and workout sessions are available to try for anyone
The YMCA will provide small nutritious snacks to potential members such as protein bars, smoothies, etc.
First come first serve
We will put an extra
for these events to pay for the extra workers and free snacks for the guests.
We will advertise these through our radio spots and social media.

Social Media
We plan on starting an Instagram account for the Alexander Family YMCA
To promote our Instagram, we plan on holding a contest each month for the first year.
We will ask our followers to create 15-second videos about why they love the YMCA.
The best video will be uploaded to the YMCA’s Instagram account and the winner will be given free membership for a month.
We will post up-to-date pictures of kid’s camps, workout sessions, and any new equipment or facilities added to the Alexander Family YMCA.

We will be sponsoring a baseball team from
West Raleigh.

Exposure and the close proximity to the Alexander Family YMCA
The families that attend these baseball games are a perfect target market for us
Related to YMCA’s core business (sports)
Cost $250 to sponsor a team for a full year.
Also will post flyers around the park.

Media Plan
Radio channel WRAL 101.5
Will air commercials on weekdays either at 8am or 6pm because this is time parents are driving to work
5 commercials / week every other week
An annual cost of $21,450

Media Calendar in detail
We chose to go on more of a continuous trend due to the YMCA being busy throughout the year.

We also chose to keep the budget around
because on average, the YMCA usually spends around $20,000 and we thought that was not enough.

Flyer 1
News Paper Flyer
The Alexander Family
Nada Laalou
Jack Straub
Tyler Bass
Ibrahim Ghazal
The Alexander Family YMCA
Full transcript