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Cold War

No description

Sangtawun Miller

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Cold War

Double click anywhere & add an idea Cold War Name: Konrad Adenauer Basic Info Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Jan 5, 1876
Hometown: Cologne, Germany
Relationship Status: two times Widowed
Interested in: Reconciliation of Germany with its neighbors
Political view: Individualism
Religious view: Roman Catholic
City Council (1906-1917)
Lord Mayor (1917-1938)
Chancellor (1949-1963)
Minister of Foreign Affairs (1951-1955)
Chair person of CDU (1949-1966)
Work info Activities: Promoting unity of country
Interests: Foreign affairs
Fave Music: Classical
Fave Book: “Promote Unity” and “How to Communite with foreigners”
About me: unpretentious, extremely disciplined
Education and work: Law and Political Science
College and university: University in Freiburg, Munich and Bonn
Personal Info
Name: Leonid Brezhnev Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Dec 19, 1906
Hometown: Ukraine, Russia Empire
Relationship Status: -
Interested in: Improving relationship between Soviet Union and U.S
Political view: Communism
Basic Info Work info
Party leader (1939-1945)
Secretariat of Central Committees (Communist party) (1950-1953)(1956-1960)
First Secretary (1964-1966)
General Secretary (1966)
Personal Info
Activities: Invade Czech (1968), Warfare in China (1969)
Fave Music: classical
Fave Book: “How to manage a group of people” and “How to be trustworthy secretary”
About me: Greedy, vanity, trustworthy
Education and work: Engineer
College and university: Kamenskoe metallurgical Inetitute
Name: Ronald Reagan
Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Feb 6, 1911
Hometown: Tampico, Illinois
Relationship Status: married two times
Political view: Republican
Religious view: -
Work info
Actor (1937-1960)
Governor (1966-1974)
President of US (1981-1989)
Personal Info
Activities: eliminating nuclear weapons from cold war era
Interests: making peace throughout the war
Fave Music: Various music
Fave Book: “How to influence worldwide” and “How to detect land-mines”
About me: friendly, very social able, good listener, patient , great communicator
College and university: Eureka College
Name: Fidel Castro Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Aug 13,1926
Hometown: Biran, Cuba
Relationship Status: married
Interested in: Sports
Political view: Social-Democrat
Religious view: orthodox
Personal Info
Activities: attack on Moncada (July 26, 1953)
Interests: Social Justice
Fave Music: rock
Fave Book: “World Justice” and “Dictatorship”
About me: very active, stubborn
Education and work: Law
College and university: University of Havana
Work info: Dictator (self-titled)
Name: Sir Winston Leonard
Also known as: Old Woom, First Lord of the Admiralty
Position: Prime Minister of Britain (From October 26 1951- April 7 1955)
Birthday: November 30, 1874
Birth Place: Blenheim, Oxfordshire, UK
Died on: January 24, 1965
Buried at: St Martin’s Church, Bladon, Oxfordshire
Nationality: British
Political Party: Conservative ( 1900-1904, 1924-1964), Liberal (1904-1924)
Status: Married
Spouse: Clementine Churchill
Children: Diana Churchill, Randolph Churchill, Sarah Tuchet-Jesson, Marigold Churchill, and Mary Soames (5 children)
Profession: Member of Parliament, statesman, soldier, journalist, historian, author, painter
Hobbies: Painting, Writing, Reading, giving speeches, practicing speeches, being a role model, smoking
Experienced problems: pronouncing the letter S and struggles with math
Education: Harrow School, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst
Awards: Noble Prize in Literature, Honorary Citizen of the United States
Achievements: Military Actions in India, Sudan, Second Boer War, Western Front in WW1, 6th Battalion, Royal Scots Fusilier
Books Published: The River War
Interests: anti- communism
Favorite books: The Road to democracy

Name: Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher Position: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ( May 4, 1979- November 28, 1990)
Born: October 13, 1925
Birth Place: Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK
Nationality: British
Political Party: Conservative
Spouse: Sir Denis Thatcher, Bt.
Children: The Hon. Carol Thatcher, Sir Mark Thatcher, 2nd Bt.
Name: Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev Nationality: Russian
Position: President of the Soviet Union ( March 15, 1990- December 25, 1991 )
Born: March 2, 1931
Religion: Russian Orthodox Church
Birth Place: Stavropol, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Political party: Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1950-1991), Social Democratic Party of Russia (2001-2004), Union of Social Democrats ( 2007- present), Independent Democratic Party of Russia ( 2008- present)
Spouse: Raisa Gorbachyova
Name: Joseph Stalin Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 18 December 1878
Hometown: Gori, Georgia
Relationship status: Widowed
Interested in: a new relationship
Religious view: Atheist
Personal Info
Activities: Scaring people, blackmailing them
Fave music: Punk Rock
Fave books: Grundrisse
Fave quotes: Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem.
About me: My nicknames are “Koba”, “Soselo”, “Ivanov”
Education & Work:
First general secretary of the communist party of the Soviet Union’s Central committee
Name: Harry S Truman Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of birth: May 8, 1884
Hometown: Lamar, Missouri
Relationship status: Married
Political view: If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible, although I don't want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances. Neither of them thinks anything of their pledged word."
Religious view: -
Personal Info
Fave music: Classical
Fave books: Way to Victory
Fave quotes: If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible, although I don't want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances. Neither of them thinks anything of their pledged word."
Education & Work: 33rd president of United States
Name: George
Marshall Basic Info
Sex: Male
Date of birth: December 31, 1880
Hometown: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Relationship status: Widowed
Interested in: Being a General
Religious view: -
Personal Info
Fave music: Classical
Fave books: Soldier-Statesman of the American Century
Fave quotes: Don't fight the problem, decide it. Better to talk than fight.
Education & Work: General of the Army
Name: John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Occupation: 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until assassination in 1963
Born: May 29, 1917
Location of Birth: Brookline, Massachusetts
Died: November 22, 1963 (aged 46)
Location of Death: Dallas, Texas
Nationality: Irish American
Spouse(s): Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy
Children: Arabella Kennedy, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr., Patrick Bouvier Kennedy
Name: Ho Chi Minh
Born: Nguyn Sinh Cung and also known as Nguyn Ái Quc
Occupation: Vietnamese Communist revolutionary and statesman who was prime minister (1946–1955) and president (1945–1969) of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam)
Birthday: 19 May 1890
Location of Birth: Ngh An Province, French Indochina
Died: 2 September 1969 (aged 79)
Location of death: Hanoi, Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Nationality: Vietnamese

Name: Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev
(Russian Name: Никита Сергеевич Хрущёв)
Occupation: Soviet politician during the Cold War era
Birthday: April 15, 1894
Location of Birth: Russian village of Kalinovka in the Kursk Governorate
Died: September 11, 1971 (age 77)
Nationality: Soviet
Political Party: Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Spouse(s): Yefrosinia Khrushcheva (1916–1919, died)
Marusia Khrushcheva (1922, separated)
Nina Khrushcheva (1923–1971, survived as widow)
Religion: Atheist

George Marshall’s Status History *Status Update (1901): I have finally graduated from Virginia Military Institute! Yeeehaaa!
*Status Update (1902): I have received a commission as a second lieutenant and will be sent to the
Philippines. Wish me LUCK.
*Status Update (1906): I have decided to resume my education at Fort Leavenworth, and I plan to graduate
at the top of the class and be qualified for the Army Staff College. You know, I’m pretty smart…
*Status Update (WWI): I shall serve my country on the Western Front and look forward to victory!
*Status Update (1918): Armistice has been signed between the Central Powers and the Allied Powers,
hopefully this will mark the end of the war…
*Status Update (June 1933): I have been given command of the 8th Infantry and shall be responsible for 34
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.
*Status Update (October 1936): I have been promoted to brigadier general! I have also been given
command of the 5th Brigade at Vancouver Barracks in Washington.
*Status Update (1936): I have fallen seriously ill and my doc says I have to have my thyroid gland
Removed (ohh mannn). I wish to eventually make a full recovery.
*Status Update (August 1938): I have been appointed chief of the War Plans Division! I’m climbing up the
ladder yay!
*Status Update (December 1938): I have became deputy Chief of Staff. This promotion has brought me into
contact with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and members of his administration. I hope to get along…
-Comment by Harry Hopkins: I have been especially impressed with you, Marshall and I have suggested to
the president that you should become the new Chief of Staff.
-Comment by Roosevelt: By the way, I have agreed to Hopkins’s suggestion and you shall assume office
on September 1939.
*Status Update (1939): It looks like a second global war is bound to happen, this is such a tragedy…
-Comment by Roosevelt: It is indeed such a tragedy, I hope to isolate America out of such matters.
*Status Update (WWII): I have been appointed to direct the United States armed forces throughout this second global war. I hope this war shall end soon enough…
-Comment by Hitler: This war shall not end until Germany has gained its rightful position and respect!
*Status Update (1944): I feel disappointed that I have not been given command of the Allied D-Day landings…
-Comment by Roosevelt: You have not been given command due to the fact that I can not afford to lose you as Chief of Staff, so don’t be so bummed.
-Comment by Churchill: Your achievements are monumental and I shall describe you as the "organizer of victory".
*Status Update (January 1947): Truman, has appointed me as his Secretary of State. While in this position, I hope to devise the European Recovery Program (ERP) in order to rebuild Europe’s collapsing economy.
-Comment by Truman: You are "the greatest living American", I feel so grateful that you have become my Secretary of State.
-Comment by Truman: Over the first year the ERP has already spent $5,300,000,000…I hope that the US spending all this money is worthwhile…
-Comment by Stalin: I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY! NOW SHOO!
*Status Update (1949): Being ill has forced me to resign from office and now I’m being replaced by Dean Acheson. (why?!)
*Status Update (1950): I’m now at the ripe old age of 69, but I still decided to accept the post as Secretary of Defence…I shall help organize United States forces for the early stages of the Korean War. YAY to go MR. 69!!! I SHALL FIGHT~!!!

Basic Info Personal Info Basic Info Education: Moscow State University
Known: 7th and Last general Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, first Soviet Leader to visit China
Award(s): Noble Peace Prize in 1990, Otto Hahn Peace Medal in Gold in 1989, award of the Order of St. Andrew Archons of the Ecumencial Patriarchate of Constantinople.
Favorite Books- The Road to communism.
About me: anti-alcoholism , anti- democracy
Club& Committees: Communist Party Central Committee, Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union
Nicknames: Gorby
Personal Info Education: Somerville College, Oxford
Occupation/ Profession: Leader, Statesperson, Politician, Scientist (Chemist), Lawyer
Religion: Anglican (after marriage), Methodist ( before marriage)
Known: Britain’s First Female Prime Minister, House of Lords
Nicknames: Iron Lady, Hero of Freedom
Hobbies: Swimming, hockey, walking, reading
Clubs: Member of Association of Scientific Workers, Carlton Club, Gentlemen’s Club
Rumors: Had a bad relationship with the Queen.
Favorite books: 100 Top Women Since the Past
Basic Info Personal Info Education: was able to receive a technical education thanks to the October Revolution and became a believer in the benefits of the workers' state
Experiences: After Stalin's his death in 1953 many political heirs fought for power which after several years, I emerged to be the Premier of the Soviet Union. On February 25, 1956, at the Twentieth Party Congress, delivered the "Secret Speech", where I wished to create a less restrictive era in the USSR. My policies, which were aimed at improving the lives of citizens, were often ineffective, especially in the area of agriculture.
Favorite Quotes: "Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!" "Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers."
Favorite Book: State and Revolution
Favorite Music: Blues
Hobbies: Pursuing domestic policies Personal Info Basic Info Alma mater: Harvard University (S.B.)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Political party: Democratic
Experiences: commander of the Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 during WWII in the South, represented Massachusetts's 11th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1947 to 1953 as a Democrat, served in the U.S. Senate from 1953 until 1960, defeated the Vice President and Republican candidate Richard Nixon in the 1960 U.S. presidential election
Favorite Quotes: “A child miseducated is a child lost.” “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”
Favorite Music: Classical Jazz
Hobbies: golf, basketball, tennis, football, reading
Favorite Book: Financial Crisis
Favorite subjects: History and English Personal Info Basic Info Profiles Political party: Vietnam Workers' Party
Experiences: led the Viet Minh independence movement from 1941 onward, establishing the communist-governed Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945, defeated the French Union in 1954 at Dien Bien Phu
Accomplishments: remained as the highly visible figurehead president until death, the former capital of South Vietnam, Saigon, after the Fall of Saigon, was renamed H Chí Minh City
Favorite Quotes: “You can kill ten of my men for every one I kill of yours, but even at those odds, you will lose and I will win.” “We have a secret weapon...it is called Nationalism.” “Love other human beings as you would love yourself.” "You are always marching with us, Uncle H."
Favorite Books: The Communist Manifesto, Guerrilla Warfare
Favorite Music: Folk
Hobbies: Developing the Personality cult in Communist Vietnam Personal Info Basic Info Groups Marshall Plan Group Founder(s):
George Marshall
William L. Clayton
George F. Kennan
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