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Watershed Education for Elected Officials, Resource Managers, and Concerned Citizens

Marina D'Abreau & Shannon McGee compare methods of sharing information with elected officials, local leaders, & citizens

Shannon Carnevale

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Watershed Education for Elected Officials, Resource Managers, and Concerned Citizens

for Elected Officials, Resource Managers, and Concerned Citizens
Watershed Education
Water School: Lessons Learned
Polk County
Manatee County
Scheduling variables
Too scientific
Hands-on activities
Bus tour a must
Preaching to the choir
Preaching to the choir
More field trips for networking
Watch for rhetoric/perceived bias
Consider a participant fee
Better representation of target audience needed
Water School:
County Level Educational Programming
Polk County Water School began in 1998.
Seven-week course
Bi-annual, on even years
Manatee County Water School began in the early 90s
$40 class fee
Two-day class incl. a field day
Bi-annual, on election years
Average attendance of 44 participants
54% male, 45% female
98% white, 1% Latino, 1% Black
Overall satisfaction rating: 92%
Lowest individual session rating: 81%
"It saddens me that you are preaching to the choir but an educated choir is important"
"I learned there is a lot more to learn!"
"Some of the costs of treatment of storm water runoff were interesting but of little use to me at this time."
Knowledge Gained
Average self-assessed improvement:
20% per question
Highest average knowledge gain:
Q. 8: "Awareness of potential water quality issues in Polk County and surrounding areas"
Lowest average knowledge gain:
Q. 6 : "Awareness of the water conservation techniques you can practice at home"
Graduation: Attend 5 classes
43 graduates
25% utilized webinar offerings to graduate
Any Questions?
Marina D'Abreau
Manatee County

Shannon McGee
Polk County
Session VII
Water Treatment
Charlotte Harbor
Interview for IFAS
Average attendance of 21 participants
20% current/potential public officials
Sierra Club representative
Former environmental mgr, Sarasota
Boat tour operator
Master Gardeners
Interested residents
Awareness/Knowledge Gained
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