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Girl, Stolen by:April Henry

book report on Girl Stolen

Grace LeDoux

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Girl, Stolen by:April Henry

by:April Henry
prezi by: Grace LeDoux Girl Stolen Book Profile Girl Stolen title: Girl, Stolen
Author:April Henry
Publisher:Scholastic Inc.
Genre:Realistic Fiction
A.R. Reading level:4.7
A.R. Points:7.0 Cheyenne:protagonist, a blind 16 year old girl who has pneumonia and has been kidnapped. Main Characters Setting PLACE:Oregon
TIME:Modern Griffin:Cheyenne's "accidental" kidnapper who tries to help her. Roy:protagonist, Griffin's dad who sells stolen cars and is the brains behind keeping Cheyenne for ransom. TJ: Roy's assistant and a rude man who tries to do nothing but hurt Cheyenne. Jimbo: TJ's partner in crime and Roy's other assistant who also tries to harm Cheyenne. Secondary Characters Duke:Griffin and Roy's guard dog. Danielle:Cheyenne's step mom who makes Cheyenne leave her Dog behind. Phantom:Cheyenne's guard dog who is her only way of feeling normal. Mr.Wilder:Cheyenne's dad who will pay anything to get his daughter back. Summary Exposition Cheyenne is laying in her car when someone breaks in. It's Griffin and he decides he can't turn back and let her out and, he discovers Cheyenne is blind. Roy gets very mad at Griffin until he finds something out... Cheyenne's dad is the president of Nike! The three men decide to keep her tied up in Griffin's room until they know what to do with her. Cheyenne starts to plan an escape. Summary Rising Action All of Cheyenne's escape plans fail and she starts to make friends with Griffin, yes Griffin. Griffin gets in trouble from his dad for helping Cheyenne get food and giving her medicine. Cheyenne's pneumonia gets worse and she tells Griffin what happened to her mom and how she became blind. Griffin realizes his dad will never let Cheyenne go and starts to open up with Cheyenne. Summary Climax
TJ tries to hurt Cheyenne and tells her he's going to kill her. Griffin decides he will go against his father's plans and help Cheyenne, if he can. Cheyenne starts to wonder if anyone is on her side. Roy contacts Cheyenne's father and asks for 5 million dollars but, he ends up only asking for 1 million wich will be split 4 ways.(Roy, Griffin, TJ, and Jimbo) The three guys leave for their money and leave Griffin at home to watch Cheyenne. Summary Falling Action Griffin learns what REALLY happened to his mother. Cheyenne hurts Griffin as a last resort and tries to escape through the woods without a cane or guide dog....only Duke, a crazy, scary, mutt with zero training. Cheyenne loses Duke and can't see when she hears a noise behind her. It's Griffin and he's come to help Cheyenne escape. Summary Resolution Griffin gets hurt and can't help Cheyenne. Cheyenne is wandering through the woods all alone when she hears a gunshot and a voice. TJ and Jimbo find Griffin and realize what he was doing and think if they should kill him and take his share of the money. Was that Griffin's life that was taken by a gunshot? Will Cheyenne ever escape? If she does, will her relationship with Griffin continue? To find out read the book. Book Review I LOVED this book! I would recommend this book to anyone who is having problems with their life they don't think they can overcome. I like this book because even though Cheyenne is blind, has pneumonia, and has no way of escaping she never gives up until the very end. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars only because i can't give more.
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