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Evolution of 20th Century Fashion and Music

No description

Karen Zhang

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Evolution of 20th Century Fashion and Music

By Sammy Karle and Karen Zhang
The Evolution of American Fashion and Music
The 1920s
Fashion: flappers, feathers, and short hair
Fashion:knee length skirts/shirt-dresses, roller curls, bright red lips, pumps, figure flattering one piece bathing suit, first bikini (gasp!)
suits, hats, sweater vests, suspenders
Fashion: more dresses (housewife look). Ivy League look for guys, more suits, audrey hepburn hair, cat-eye sunglasses, trench coats, jackets -- "Grease"
fashion: jumpsuits, go-go boots, bellbottom jeans, afros, shorter skirts, craziness (see abba etc.) disco fashion, bikinis/flashy one pieces, afros, colorful suits (awful patterns)
Fashion: Michael Jackson’s red/orange jacket from bad “era of bad hair, leg warmers, spandex, teased hair, short shorts on guys”
Fashion: ill-fitting clothes, overalls, high waisted loose jeans. "grunge fashion" short skirts and shorts, hair long- not really styled, “the rachel” haircut for women, men, center parts
Music: Jazz and swing became popular during the 1920's
music: big band, swing and old time radio
music: abba, disco, bee-gees, jackson 5 and bands like them, Tina Turner, carry-overs from the 1960s
Fashion: fashion: shift dresses, two parts: hippy movement and everyone else. hippies: tie-dye, denim, vests, facial hair/long hair...everyone else: twiggy brought back earlier fashion. there was mod fashion- minimalist patterns, go-go boots, etc.
guys: bell bottom jeans, buttoned shirts, MINI SKIRTS!!
music: british invasion (beatles), rolling stones, queen, carry over music from the 50s, beach boys music/ surfin music became popular
Music: dance-pop, teen-pop BOY BANDS. hip-hop became popular, advent of indie rock
alt-rock as well: nirvana, jane’s addiction, rage against the machine.Foo fighters
ska: big reel fish, sublime, no doubt
R&B: mariah Carey, Usher,
What We Noticed
Women's fashion---scandal of the ankle/calf showing
Hair and makeup
snazzy suits- swing fashionistas
men's wear, suits suits and suits.....hats also
Both men and women smoked, it was found glamorous
natural waist, longer skirt, more structured and defined, emphasized shoulders (shoulder pads, differents kind of sleeves).
More Jazz! And songs about the Depression...
not much really changed with the men of the age. Zoot suits, fedora, Ivy League haircut were in.
Artists were from Duke Ellington to Charles Gershwin
traditional vs. rock
poodle skirts!
Louis Jordan: is you is or is you ain't my baby (release date of 1944)
Rudy Vallee - "Brother can you spare a dime?"
Bee-gees from 1960s-1980s popular
Some eras have distinctions, some are simply blends or transition periods.
For music especially, there is often backlash from synth/pop/dance with hard rock, punk etc.
Women's fashion changes a lot, whereas men's is often more conservative. Hairstyles, on the other hand, change a lot for both groups.

a more conservative 20s, shoulder length hair for women
men, slicked hair combed over, suits
Most people too poor to afford anything really nice
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