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The History of Rock and Roll

No description

T Walsh

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of The History of Rock and Roll

The History
Rock and Roll By: Taylor Walsh
Period 2
Day:A and B http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBiLhQpaUaM click to watch video 1963
-JFK Assassinated
-Martin Luther King Jr.
Makes His "
I Have a Dream"
Speech 1964
Civil Rights Act
Passes in U.S. 1968
-Martin Luther King
Jr. Assassinated
-Robert F. Kennedy
Assassinated 1967
- Six-Day War in the
Middle East
-Three U.S. Astronauts
Killed During Simulated Launch 1963 1964 1967 1968 1960 1953
- Fighting ends in Korea .
All were happy 1953 1955
- Rosa Parks refuses to
give up her seat on a public
bus in Montgomery, Alabama. 1955 1958
- Explorer I , the first U.S.
satellite, successfully orbits
the earth. The race was finally
on after Sputnick was launched.
December 10, 1958 - The first domestic
jet-airline passenger service is begun
by National Airlines between New
York City and Miami. 1958 1959
- Alaska and Hawaii
become the forty-ninth
and fiftieth states. 1959 1950 instruments 1950 1960 The mood was
optimistic. The
music was fast
and the beat was
swing baby swing.

*occasional trumpet
*piano or organ Typically, a Rock and Roll band will
include Drums, Bass Guitar, Guitar
and a Vocalist it can also include
Piano (and other keyboards) any
sort of horn, woodwinds, accordion,
any sort of percussion,harmonica,
and cello. styles
beats 1950 1960 Electric replaced acoustic and studios
gave artists freedom
they never had before. Songwriters were aloud to
tell stories. We think the music after these events were more hopeful, up beat, happy, and We think the music after these events were sad and gloomy for some people and happy, exciting, and fun for some people. inspiring thoughts that come to mind Rock N Roll loud up beat fun easy to dance to quick fast (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr bands of the 1950's Elvis Presley Buddy Holly and the Crickets bands from the 1960's The Beatles The Rolling Stones Alan Freed The Beach Boys
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