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No description

thames thames

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Hyperion


Hyperion is one of Saturn's
There are 62 moons
of Saturn but only
53 are named.
how they discover it
The odd moon was first discovered in 1848 by two independent groups. English astronomer William Lassell spotted the moon two days after fellow American father-and-son team William and George Bond. All three men are credited with the discovery
William and George Bond were not brothers with James Bond
Who lives on the Hyperion????
Little green frogs or what?!
Funny things
about Hyperion
Hyperion is a
potato-shaped moon
Interesting things about Hyperion
Hyperion is a spongy moon
Hyperion, is the largest known not sphere moon in the solar system.
Here is a video about the potato-shaped moon
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