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Graduate School Enrollment

A trend study on the reasons for enrollment increases among Graduate Schools.

Ryan Reed

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Graduate School Enrollment

Economic Trends Recessions: 1980's 1990's A Trend Study on the Increases of
Graduate School Attendance Since 1980 BY:
Victoria Okpala
Taja Palmer
Adam Smith
Ryan Reed
1980: Unemployment= 7.5%
Inflation = 13.5% Result:
1981 rollment down .31% by '82 enrollment down another 1% Monday October 19, 1987 Wall Street's Dow Falls
22.61%i in one day Result:
Grad School Enrollment
falls 50% in yearly growth by 1992. Early 2000's: "The Exception" Terrorist Attacks Accounting Scandals Dot.Com Bubble Bursts Exception because 2000-2003 enrollment
saw 4% year over year growth 2008's Housing Crisis Unenployment is over 10% Billions spent on bailouts
and recovery programs Result:
Grad School enrollment sees its slowest rate of growth since the 1980's The American Dream Trends in Minority Increases Total enrollment among minorities from 1980 to 2007: 1980: 144,000 enrolled 2007: 548,000
A 280% increase over the 27 years Distirbution Breakdown
from 1980 to 2007: African American:
250% enrollment increase Hispanic:
340% Increase Asian/Pacific Islander:
300% increase This 280% increase is a 9 to 1 ratio of minorities to Caucasian students over the 27 year span. Gender Breakdown over the 27 years: Men:
35.4% Increase Women:
107% Increase Over the 27 year increase, for every 1 man, there are 3 women who enrolled in graduate school. So men, if you are having trouble finding an educated sophisticated women, you know where to go. GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all aim to live... Our society has shifted from to success!!! which is ..... the balance between Salary Job security Salary The cost of living has grown steadily since the 1980’s until today. According to the American Institute of Economic Research, a dollar was equivalent to $2.60 in the 1980’s Fact: financial security is very important in today's
society especially because we are currently in a
recession..... Most people cannot afford to save
Fact: Question... Is money important to you and your family? Job Security Fact:
In January the Department of Labor reported that approximately 600,000 jobs have disappeared from the United States economy
The unemployment rate has risen from 7.2% to 7.6% with this year
If a person has a specialized skill set
they will usually be last when considered if the company decides to downsize
Employers are looking for individuals with specialized skill
sets to represent and be an asset to their company...
An Industrial Society An Information Society TO An Industrial Society High School Diploma = approx. $30,400
College Dregree = Approx.$45K to $50K Master's Degree = Approx.$62,300 Let's Talk Dollar$ Now what makes "cents" to you?! Education is the Now let's Discuss Online Education: A popular alternative? 130 online colleges and universities being recognized by the United States Department of Education as accredited institutions Over 3200 degrees available from these institutions One in four college students will take an online course in the Fall semester of 2008 jdfhgaohjgashgjh
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