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Western Aphasia Battery-Revised 2006

No description

Kate Carstens

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Western Aphasia Battery-Revised 2006

Western Aphasia Battery-Revised 2006
Construction of WAB-R
Adequacy of Norms
150 individuals with aphasia and 59 control patients
84 from Acute Aphasic Teaching Hospital
37 from Veteran's Neurological Unit
29 from General Hospital
Author: Andrew Kertesz, MD, F.R.C.P. (C )
Publisher: PsychCorp.
Date of Publication: 2006
Age Range: 18 – 89
Cost of Test: $337.00 + $71.50 for WAB-R Record Forms Combo (20 of Part 1 and 10 of Part 2)
Western Aphasia Battery- Revised Kit
Cultural Appropriateness
Clinician must be aware of patient's linguistic and cultural background
Clinician may make adaptations that are appropriate for patient's cultural differences
Test Reliability
High internal consistency
Coefficient = .91
High test-retest reliability
Pearson r correlation coefficient = .99 with a df = 20
Test Validity
Adaptations and Modifications
Bedside Exam
Not intended for children
No adaptations included
Purpose of the Test
The WAB-R was compared to the
Neurosensory Center Comprehensive Examination for Aphasia
High correlation rates between all sub-tests
A battery of tests which assesses patient's skill in several areas
Part 1: Aphasia Quotient
Begin with spontaneous speech
Auditory verbal comprehension
Naming and word finding
Part 2: Language and Cortical Quotient
Constructional, visuospatial, and calculation score
Bedside version
Flip book
Two parts
Other professionals can administer WAB-R
Comprehensive exam
Long Exam
No Other Languages
Unclear Directions for Patient
Large Number of Directions for SLP
Test provides:
Aphasia quotient
Language quotient
Cortical quotient
Aphasia Quotient
Spontaneous Speech
Auditory Verbal Comprehension
Naming and Word Finding
Language Quotient
Aphasia Quotient
Cortical Quotient
Language Quotient
Constructional, Visospatial, and Calculation
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