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Memorial Day

Take it in with Steps

Anna Lapre

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Memorial Day

Memorial Day, take it in with steps
The Creator
General John A. Logan started the observance of Memorial Day
He was a General in the war.
It was originally called Decoration Day, because Logan thought that you would decorate graves for the people who died in the war. You could decorate them with flags and flowers!
Logan wanted people to remember the ones who died for our beloved Country.
Logan was born in 1826 in what is now Murfreesboro , Illinois
Logan died in December 26th in 1886 at Washington D.C.
Memorial Dates, and Why
Memorial Day is the last Monday of May.
It wasn't always on that day, It used to be on May 30th, until congress proposed that Memorial Day should be a day where you get a day off school or work.
Congress thought of the 3 day weekend in 1968, but it actually was moved to the last Monday of May in 1971.
Decoration Day was thought of to be changed to Memorial Day in 1882,but didn't become common until after World war ll.
Decoration Day didn't actually change to Memorial Day in 1882, it changed by Federal law until 1967.
Places and Events
Memorial Day was first celebrated on May 30th at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington ,Virginia.
Memorial Day was first celebrated in the North, but after World War l it was celebrated in the South.
in 1966 Congress and President Lyndon Johnson declared Waterloo, New York as the official birthplace of Memorial Day (although it didn't really start there).Waterloo is the birth place because it hosts an annual community event,where they decorated the graves of people who died in the war with flags and flowers.
The biggest parades take place in New York City,Chicago,and Washington D.C.
Memorial Day is a day to remember the ones who died in battle for our country.
Memorial Day is a wonderful holiday that needs deep thought.
Think about giving your life up for this country.
So lets show some thanks to those who died for our beloved Country,and Thank You!!!!!
Memorial Day ,the Start
Memorial Day is a national holiday.
It used to be called Decoration Day. It was called that because we would decorate the people's graves who died in the war for our country.
Memorial Day is all about remembering the ones who died for our country.
It was first for the people who died in the Civil war.
As you might have guessed the South did not want to be a part of the holiday because, well they lost the Civil War!
Then after world war one the holiday was to remember all the soldiers who died for us. That is when the South started participating in the holiday.
Memorial Day is a 3 day weekend.
It is always on the last Monday of May.
Since it is a 3 day weekend some people take a nice mini vacation.
Some people go to places who have parades on Memorial Day!
If you want to participate in Memorial Day you can go to parades that are meant for Memorial Day.
If that will not work with a busy schedule you can go to a cemetery.
You can also fly the flag of the United States from Sunrise until noon.

Moina Michael was inspired by John McCrae's Poem and wrote her own poem about Memorial Day.
She then had an idea to wear red Poppies on Memorial Day!
She was the first to wear one, but then her friends started to wear them. Soon it spread to the Country.
One day a woman from France saw the custom and brought it to France.
In 1921 the Franco-American Children's League started selling red Poppies to help war orphans (children who's parents died in the war and had to go to the orphanage).

Here is the poem by John McCrae

Here are some sites I used.
Poems have Meaning

Memorial day
was first
in 1868
In 1921 the
Children's league sold
Red Poppies to help
war orphans
In 1966 Governmt declared
Waterloo New York
the birth place of Memorial
In 1968 they wanted
Memorial Day
to be a 3 day
weekend, and to
be on the last
Monday of May.
In 1971 they
the date from
May 30th to
the last Monday
of May,to have
a 3 day weekend.
Some people have forgotten the true meaning of Memorial Day
To help remind these people the true meaning of memorial day the "National Moment of Remembrance "resolution on December 2000.
The Resolution was passed so that at memorial Day at 3.oo P.M.you would have a moment of silence to remember and think about Memorial Day.

Loss in Memorial Day
Fun Random History Facts
Some people confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but Veteran's Day celebrates all of the Veteran's dead or alive.
Memorial Day is older than you!
Here is the poem by Moina Michael
We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies
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