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Presentation on unicorns

Michelle Pothoven

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Unicorns

U It was traditionally believed that a virgin who was naked sitting beneath a tree could only catch the delicate unicorn. The unicorn, who craves purity, would be irresistably drawn to the girl and lie down with his head in her lap. While it slept, the hunter could capture it. If, however, the girl was merely pretending to be a virgin, the unicorn would tear her apart. Throughout the stories of the unicorn, its horn, the alicorn, is said to have great medicinal powers. In Ctesias’ writings, the dust filed from the horn was supposed to protect against deadly diseases if mixed into a potion. Or, if you drank from the horn, you would be protected against any poison.

Often, a narwhale tusk was sold as an alicorn, and it was often ground up and used for its magical properties. N I C O R N S Description East History Other Eastern Unicorns The Middle Eastern Unicorn The Western Unicorn Adam Garden of Eden Beginning of time
Emperor Fu Hsi China 5,000 years ago
Emperor Huang Di Emperor's garden in China 2697 B.C
Emperor Yao China About 2,000 B.C
Confucius China 551-479 B.C
Ctesias India 4th century B.C
Alexander the Great Asia 3rd century B.C.
Julius Caesar Germany 1st century B.C.
Prester John Asia Mid- I I 00s
Genghis Khan India Early 1200s Famous sightings of unicorns Unicorns in Modern Times
How to Test Real Unicorn Horn Why no unicorns today????? ITS ALL NOAHS FAULT Evil unicorns??? D&D N.A.U.B Powers How to catch a unicorn Differences???
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