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Copy of Hamlet Prereading Activity

An activity to use with high school seniors that allows them to connect to the play Hamlet.

Sara Boscaino

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hamlet Prereading Activity

Do you know what Twitter is? Twitter is a webite that allows you to send updates, called Tweets, to the people who subscribe to your Twitter account. Tweets are no longer

than 140 characters,

just like text messages. Today, we are going to tweet responses to the following scenario. Whenever this prezi indicates, write down your "tweet" in your journal. Ready??? Let's begin. . . You are away at college. It is your junior year and life is good. Monday night: 2AM. Mom texts you the following message: CALL ME WHEN YOU GET THIS Half asleep, you call her. Her sobs are so loud, you can barely understand what she is saying. Finally, she blurts out, "Your father is dead." So what's your tweet? Unfortunately, this semester you are taking microeconomics and your professor is a robot. When you tell him about what happened, he says you still need to take your final next Friday or retake the course. He forces you to miss your dad's funeral. What's your tweet? Finals end. You pass, barely Finals end. You pass, barely. It's time to go home. It's been two weeks since your father's death and you are just devastated. So you load up the car and drive home. When you get home, you hug your mother for a long time. But you immediately sense some strange vibe from her. She's not upset. Or not upset enough. Then you notice she's wearing a wedding ring on her finger. A new wedding ring. what's your tweet? Mom tells you she has some news. She has remarried your father's brother, Uncle Claude. You never liked Uncle Claude. He always seemed jealous of your father for taking over the family business. He always complained about his own job. He always looked at your mom in a way that creeped you out. Uncle Claude so what's your tweet now? so what's your tweet? One night, your father's ghost comes to you in a dream. He tells you he was murdered by your Uncle Claude. He wants you to avenge him. Was the dream real? Will you kill your uncle? what's your tweet? The End
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