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Janey Mary by James Plunkett

No description

Aonghus Ó Flatharta

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Janey Mary by James Plunkett

Janey Mary by James Plunkett
This story deals with the hardship which the people of Dublin faced during the 1940’s.

James Plunkett
James Plunkett was the pen-name adopted by James Plunkett Kelly (born Dublin 21 May 1920, died Dublin 28 May 2003), an Irish writer.
Plunkett grew up among the Dublin working class and they make up the bulk of the characters in his work.
His best-known works are the novel Strumpet City, and the short stories in the collection The Trusting and the Maimed.

We see the hardship through the eyes of Janey Mary who is forced out on the street by her mother to find food for the family.
The story explores the life of poverty which the majority of the country faced at the time
Is clearly ill and struggles not to faint throughout the story. She is malnourished.
Janey Mary
A five year old girl who is forced to try
and find food for her family.

She struggles at school and the teacher is
not very nice to her
The priest Fr. Benedict, does his best to
take care of Janey Mary.
A five year old girl who is forced to try
and find food for her family.

Janey Mary
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