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Environmental Chemistry

No description

Paul Sheffield

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Environmental Chemistry

Acid rain
Evidence for global warming

Environmental Chemistry
Ice cores
Pollen Cores
Tree rings
Carbon dioxide levels
Temperature records
Evidence for global warming
In the news
what are the causes of acid rain?
how do scientists look for evidence of climate change?

what is climate change?
what is thought to be causing it?
how might it affect Northern Europe?
How might it affect countries on the equator?
why do some people believe climate change is a big hoax?
carry out the practical
draw a diagram of the practical
describe what happens
explain what happens
mini cloud practical

You have a pen friend in Texas who doesn't believe in climate change.
how could you try and persuade him otherwise?
what is an acid?
how do acids react with metals?
how do acids react with sedimentary rock like limestone?
how do acids affect living organisms?
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