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does eye color effect vision in low light?

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jayden moore

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of does eye color effect vision in low light?

Jayden Moore
materials & producers
about 9 test subjects
colored construction paper
1. gather test subjects.
2. get different colors of paper
3. make the room dark, not completely dark
4. bring one test subject in the room
5. get them to tell you what colors they see
6. record the answers
7.after two minutes get them to tell you what they see again
8. record the answer
9. repeat 4-8 with each test subject
10. analyze the results
11. calculate the percentages of colors named correctly by each test subject and after waiting two minutes
12. for each eye color, what is the percentage of colors named correctly at baseline and at two minutes
ive learned that alot of scientists have a bunch of theories about eyes, and how they see in low light. I also found out that there are 3 main colors that all eyes can see, even if they are color blind. those colors are white, black, & dark grey. There are 3 different colors that are also called receptors. These 3 types of receptors are called cones. at low light, cones cease in function. cones respond different wavelength of light, as followed: 'red', 'green', and 'blue-violet'. answers.com says "the lack of pigments in an eye can cause greater amounts of eye damage due to sunlight which could affect vision. otherwise, no. eye color is pigment of the iris whereas eyesight is the results of light striking the rods and cones in the eye." I've also learned that the color of anything depends on the type of light sent to our eyes; light is necessary if we are to have any perception of color at all. an object is "colored," as stated above, because of the light it reflects- all other colors are absorbed into that specific object. so then, an apple appears red because, it reflects red light. the primary colors of pigment are red, blue, and yellow. mixing these primary colors of pigments give us the three secondary colors: red+blue= violet, red+yellow= orange, and yellow+blue= green. then, the pimary are mixed with the secondary colors to give us tertiary, they are: red- violet, red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet.
www. atoms.uncla.edu~ fovell/AS3/theory_of_color.html
HTTP:// wiki.amswers.com/does_eye_color_affect_vision
HTTP:// siriusscience.pbworks.com/w/page/10791542/color-vision-opticial%20Illusions
HTTP:// siriusscience.pbworks.com/w/browse/#viewallobjects

does eye color effect vision in low light?
I think it does not matter what eye color you have, you can identify colors in low light the same.
results for each test subject
Blue eyes
10/16 colors right
white for yellow
blue for black
green/hazel eyes
12/16 colors right
most missed
black for purple
white for pink
-------------------------------------------------------brown eyes
9/16 colors right
most missed
red for orange
white for pink
most missed in all was white for pink or yellow.

brown eyes are the worst of the three (green/hazel, brown,& blue eye color)
does eye color effect vision in low light?
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