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Copy of KBA Nominees 2014 Grades 9-12

No description

Laura Younkin

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of KBA Nominees 2014 Grades 9-12

Grades 9-12
Kentucky Bluegrass Awards
Nominees 2014

Remember to vote
for your favorite!

A girl whose mother died in Hurricane Katrina starts a new life, only to find the lure of meth irresistible.
In 1943, the survivor of a plane crash is caught by Nazis. She tries to reveal enough to keep her alive, yet still guard a secret.
A 17-year-old girl is sent to New York City in 1926 only to find her uncle is involved in a mystical world.
Every day A wakes up in a different person’s body. One day he wakes up and falls in love with his host’s girlfriend.
Four players in the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four deal with their games and the pressures.
A serial killer’s son becomes a suspect when a new killer is on the loose in their hometown.
Good girl Allyson follows laid-back Willem on a whirlwind trip to Paris. Just one day changes how she looks at her life.
A novel-in-verse about Matthew Shepherd, a gay college student who was beaten and left on a fence post to die.
Rodriguez fakes a pregnancy as a high school senior so she can find out how people will treat her.
Echo is the subject of gossip because of her scarred arms. She bonds with bad boy Noah who has some scars of his own.
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