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When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

No description

Angelica Armstrong

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Anna (the main character) and her family live in Berlin at the beginning.
Anna and her whole family are now together in Zurich Switzerland. #2
Mid-Life in Paris
"The Mayor of Paris has decided to award prizes for the twenty best French compositions written by children taking the certificat d'etudes, "she (Madame Socrate) explained (to Anna). "It seems that you have been awarded one of them."
Anna, her brother, and mother stopped at Stuttgart Germany, for a day until the train started again.And continued their journey!
Life in Paris
Just as they were wondering how to spend them, a letter arrived from Herr Zwirn inviting the whole family to the Gastof Zwirn as his quests.
Frontier- Anna, her brother, and her mom had to cross the frontier from Germany to Switzerland
Anna pressed her face against the window, and the taxi started.

End of Paris- Beginning of England
"They want to buy your film script!" cried Mama and then, as though she could hardly believe it, "A thousand pounds....!"
Onkel Julius was dead. ( He committed suicide.)
But I've never minded being a refugee before. In fact I've loved it. I think the two last years, when we've been refugees, have been much better than if we'd stayed in Germany. (Said by Anna)
Omama arrived at Great-Sarah's just before Easter and came to see Mama and the children the following afternoon.
"I think I've learned to speak French," said Anna.
She felt that she would never be able to catch up and was getting tiered of trying.
But to both Anna and Max, going back to Paris felt more like going home than they ever would ever have thought possible.
By this time they had arrived at their destination. Great- Aunt Sarah lived in a large house set back from the road.
"I mean being mean being so different from everyone else?"
On the following Monday Anna set off with Mama to the ecole communale.
They arrived in Paris after dark and very tired.
They didn't have trouble until Basle, but there they had to change trains because Basle is the frontier between Switzerland, France, and Germany.
They said good-bye to their friends and their teachers at school and then they were ready to leave Switzerland for their new life in France.
"I`ve a good mind to write to Hitler and complain!" (Papa)
" A thousand German Marks. Pa says it shows how important your Pa must be. There was a picture of him and all."
"You have now seen the Swizz mountains- the most beautiful thing in the world."
"We have to be more hard-working than other people," said Papa, "to prove that we"re not lazy, more generous to prove that we're not mean, more polite to prove that we're mot rude."
"They've found your grandmother's dog," she said. " He's drowned."
They day after he (Father) left Omama arrived.
"They`re Nazis," she said at last. :They`ve forbidden their children to play with ours because our children are Jewish!"
"I think I might quite like being a refugee," said Anna.
Of course we didn't know then that we would be spending your tenth birthday steaming about Lake Zurich as refugees from Hitler."
A refugee- is a person who is outside his or her country of origin or habitual residence.
"Switzerland!" said Anna
It seems the Swiss are anxious to protect their neutrality that they are frightened of publishing anything by an avowed anti-Nazi like myself."
Papa and Max found an inn in one of the villages on the lake.
"The Nazis came for all our passports the mourning after the elections."
"You know Hitler won the election," said Max. "Well he very quickly took over the whole government, and it`s just as Papa said it would be-nobody's allowed to say a word against him. If they do they`re thrown into jail."
Anna and her whole family are now together in Zurich Switzerland. #1
"Yes, well, that's another thing," said Max. He hesitated before he added, "We cant get a house because we haven't any furniture."
"Max, this... confiscation of property, whatever it`s called- did the Nazis take everything- even our things?" Max nodded.
" Before we get to Zurich and see Papa we have to cross the frontier between Germany and Switzerland."
Clearly you had to have one (hard childhood) if you wanted to become famous.
Papa had gone. (To Zurich)
"There was a big fight at school today- Nazis against Sozis."
Quotes and Events
The family is moving to Paris
There seemed to be less to pack each time they moved-so many things had been used up and thrown away-and one grey morning less than two weeks after the letter had come from England, they were ready to leave
"Difficult childhood..." she thought. The past and the present slid apart. She remembered the long, weary journey from Beerlin with Mama, how it had rained, and how she read Gunther`s book and wished for a difficult childhood so that she might one day become famous. Had her wish then come true?
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