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The Tudor Family

No description

Mara Janssen

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of The Tudor Family

The Tudor era
"Death and Glory"

The Tudors
By Mara and Marthe

Henry VIII (1491 - 1547)
Married his brother's wife Catherine from Aragon *Mary I
Ascends the throne
Wanted to get divorced but the pope wouldn't allow it - founded his own religion
Married Anne Boleyn *Elizabeth
Married Jane Seymour *Edward VI
3 more wives but no children
Divorced - Beheaded - Died
Divorced - Beheaded - Survived

Edward VI (1537 - 1553)
Became the King of England and Ireland after Henry VIII's death
Tried to reform England to become protestant
Wanted his cousin Jane as his successor
Died 1553 at the age of 15
Lady Jane Grey
Convinced protestant
Claimed the throne when she was 16
Reigned for only 9 days for the folk wanted Mary as their Queen
On February 12th she and her husband were beheaded
The Tudor Family

Winner of the War of the Roses (1455-1485)
(House of Lancester against the House of York)
Defeated Richard III
Married to Elizabeth of York
Four children *Henry VIII
House York
House Lancester
Henry VII (1457 - 1509)
"Bloody" Mary (1516 - 1558)
Became Queen of England and Ireland in 1553
Convinced Catholic and wanted England to be under a catholic lead again
Let almost 300 protestants be executed
Married to Phillip II - a spanish King
Died at the age of 42 because of a severe illness
"Virgin Queen" Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603)
Defended protestant beliefs
Was crowned as the Queen of England and Ireland after her half-sister's death
Was really popular but never married
Died at the age of 69 years
Last one of the Tudor family
Ended the Tudor era and left the people being proud of their nation

Reigned 1485 - 1509
Reigned 1509 - 1547
Reigned 1547 - 1553
Reigned 10 - 19 July 1553
Reigned 1553 - 1558
Reigned 1558 - 1603
They reigned for 118 years
Conquest of the "New World"
(Sir Walter Raleigh)
Cultural Renaissance
Major changes in religion
(Catholic and Protestant)
Royal Fashion
His plays provide an insight into Tudor England
One of the most famous play righters in british history
Didn't come from a rich family but still got really famous
Magellan and Drake and Columbus
Magellan and Drake circumnavigated the globe
Columbus discovered America
Really important for the develop-ment of the modern ideology
Found out that the planets surround the sun and not the other way around
Heliocentrism instead of
Caused a new ideology
Galileo Galilei
Spanish Armada
Phillip II of Spain sent a huge fleet of ships to England
England had a little navy
Spain was the greatest power in the world
England defeated Spain with a little bit of luck
Great history of the English navy began
1564 - 1642
Public schools began in Tudor times
University degree could bring a good reputation to those of lower birth
A poor student could enter university as a sizar
Tudor education was never elitist
Isaac Newton who went to Trinity as a sizar
The Tudors knew how to enjoy themselves
The weekly market was really popular
Lots of theater plays
Industry became an alternative to agriculture
Women didn't have many rights
People loved to eat - a well-laden table demonstrated wealth
Average life expectancy was about 38 years
1564 - 1616
Family Tree
Henry 8
Henry 7
Men outfit
Book: Life in Tudor England, Pitkin Guides
Copies: The Tudors - Introduction
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