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Horses are big animals and they do good things with people.

Stephanie Jones

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Horses

All About Horses Horses are cute! Horses r my Passion! I love horses becaus they r my most fav animals
& I love them 4 what they r. I love any kind of horse breed like
Pinto, Aarb, Mustang, Hunter, Polo, Palomino, Rocky Mountain,
Shire, Lipizzaner, Gelderlander, & so many other breeds that I could
tell u someday. Horses r Awesome! Horses r not just something that u
keep then give up 2 someone else. Horses
r peaceful & loveable creatures that love people
& kids as well. Horses r Cute! I love horses because I love them for what
they are. I love any kind of horse breed like Pinto, Palomino, Lipizzaner, Mustang, Arab, Hunter, Shire, Gelderlaner, Barb, Rocky Mountain, Boulonnais, and so many other horse breeds that I could tell you someday. Horses r my Passion! Horses are not just something that you would
want then you give it up. Horses are peaceful and
loveable creatures that need to be loved by people
even kids as well. Horses r Peaceful! I have riden 5 or 6 different horses for about 4 or 5 years now and I am still riding and I love it. I even love my horse coach named Jennifer Laird. She is really nice once you get to know her better. It depends on how much horses caost because horses can
be around $1000 to $5000 dollars to get a horse, but if you want more than one horse it will possibably be around $80--$100 dollars to get two horses than just one horse. I say that is cheap and expensive as well to buy a horse or to buy two horses.
Horses r lovely! If you have a horse then I would read this
part because you will need stuff for your horse like a grooming kit, a saddle, a halter, some rugs, a bridle, and a stable, but you will have to look in horse books or talk to someone who has horses to see what size of a stable you'll need for what ever size your horse is. Horses r gentle creatures!
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